Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boston Massacre: Game 1 Battle Report

First off our, our illustrious Duncan couldn't make it to Boston as my partner so I had a random Tyranid player assigned as my teammate. Our list looked something like this:

Farseer on a bike w/ singing spear, spirit stones, mindwar, fortune
4 warlocks on bikes w/ witch blades, embolden, enhance
2 X 3 jetbikes 1w/ s. cannon
5 shining spears w/ exarch and withdraw
9 harlequins w/ shadowseer all with kisses
5 fire dragons
1 falcon w. scatter laser, shuriken cannon, spiritstones, holofield, vectored engines

3 ripper bases
2 x 12 ish genestealers
dakka fex
4 ravengers
red terror
2 sniperfex

Game 1 - Eldar/Nid's vs Grey Knights / Black Templar

Terrain was heavy on the board but the middle was wide open to shooting and covered in difficult terrain. Deployment was in little boxes in each corner so all the allies were separated in their own corner. Extra points for conquering the middle, and extra battle points for more quadrants and getting units in enemy deployments zones.

The greay knights and nids each had a landraider crusader with termies of thier own flavor, the grey knights had a couple big bike squads, some scouts, a speeder, a chaplain and dread. The Balck templar player was playing a really big foot slogging squad with the chaplain, and the emporers champion, a small shooty tac squad, a speeder and scout squad.

We scenerio lent it's self to take on each army individually and cross over if need be. We figured we had the upper hand as we were fast thus could lend a hand easier. My plan was hit the big squad with the harlies and shining spears, kill the scouts with the s cannons on the jet bikes, block the doors on the land raider with the seer council and blow it with the fire dragons, then kill the spear the with the falcon.

How it played out. Abhor the witch brought the big squad out, then with some additional shooting, the squad moved up even more. The halies ran through cover unhindered, fleeted and charged the big squad turn one taking out about 10 guys. The jetbikes shot up the scouts. Everything else set up for the big pounce on the land raider. His first turn lurched the landraider forward and he dumped the termies into terrain. with a lucky roll of a six he made it into hth with my shining spears, messed them up and rolled in my flying seer council, which really messed up my plans. But I was committed and sticking with it. The fire dragons killed the land raider, the falcon blasted the speeders, and the harlies killed some more dudes in the big squad and were eventually wiped out.

His turn two wiped out my fire dragons with the remnants of the big foot slogger squad and the termies were still held by the fortuned walrocks.

On the other side of the board the nid's and the gray knights had been exchanging a lot of fire. The ravnegers, flyrant came over to the warlocks to kill the assault termies. The Eldar jetbikes zoomed over to the nid's side of the board and killed the grey knight speeder. The nids engage and eat the bike.

In the last turn I make the final gambit to move, fleet and assault the land raider. On 11 attacks I roll one six and my S9 hit failed to crack the tank, and thus didn;t kill the land raider and the grey knights inside. They get out of the land raider last turn and wipe out the seercouncil.

In the end this resulted in a Massacre in our favor. The falcon snags the deployment zone battle point and we hold 3 quarters to 1 for the other battle points.

Game Notes:

The good roll on the termi charge kept the game fairly close. Anything less than a six would have on that difficult terrain roll resulted in their entire army rolled by the end of turn 3 or 4. That said the seer council saved our ass and was the unit of the match. They basically kept the entire flank of the Eldar line from collapsing. It bought time for the Nids to deal with them on their own terms. Then the seercouncil zoomed across the board and hemmed the landraider in. It almost blew them up, but ultimately kept the grey knight termies busy for awile, allowing the nids to eat the rest of the army. So as a tar pit they completely removed the two big termy squads and thier HQs fromt he game.

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