Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boston Massacre: Game 2 Battle Report

Game 2: - Eldar/Nid's vs K sons & World Eaters

Our opponents brought:

1 dread w/ plasma cannon, 2 squads of 9 k sons in rhinos, 3 squad of berserkers in rhinos, deamon prince, 2 predators with las and autocannons, chosen squad and a tzeentch lord with time warp, and a jump squad.

The mission was a reverse escaltion. Everything that would normally start off the board started on and vice versa. The board was basically a hill and a forest on both sides. I minor structure in the middle, and a forest on the middle right side of the board. So the baord was bassically a shooting gallery.

Our opponent started first and moved everythign forward with the rhinos coming down the middle and the left, the predators held down the right side from the corner wiht the raptors. We we centrally deployed and our plan was to send everything to the right. Deal with the predators and jump packs. Then work our way down the rhinos before they could consolidate thier assault and AP3 shooting. The closest Ksons jumped out and shot up the carnies.

The first turn moving cost us a sniper fex and a jet bike squad. All my jet bikes turbo boosted right to deal with the havoks. Th falcons shot right to tempt the raptor squad to charge and set up a counter charge for the shining spears. The falcon popped the closest berserkers squads rhino, entangling the squad. The farseer killed the sorcerer with mind war and hopped back behind cover.

Turn two brought the Rhinos on the far flank closer to the middle, and the raptors took the bait and bounced off the falcon. The shining spear smashed the raptors and hit and ran, the ripprs pinned down the squad. The jetbikes popped the closest K sons rhino. The fire dragon came onto the board, jumped onto the falcon and bounced 24" toward the predators. The farseer picked of the powerfist from the middle besrerker squad. The nids engaged the K sons.

Our opponents turn had the berserkes charge the nids that had killed off the K sons, and the predators shot unsuccessfully at the falcon.

At this point the nids had finished off one squad of berserkers, and the seer council with the help of some nid shooting shot and charged the middle berseker squad and wiped them out. The fire dragons popped the two predaotrs.

In the last turn of the game the farseer detached from the warlocks. The warlocks turbo boosted to block the doors on the last berserker squad. The farseer then took care of the berserkers with a charge with his singing spear killing them in a final blaze of glory.

Another Massacre in our favor and full battle points.

Game Notes:

The flying seer council was probably the unit of the match again. It popped sniped 2 sorcerers, and a berserker powerfist, killed off some k sons, a couple berserkers, then a whole rhino full of berserkers, when the farseer killed the rhino.

The other notable squad was the fire dragons that killed two preds, and picked up a battle point for holding down the opponents deployment zone.

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