Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boston Massacre: Game 3 Battle Report

Game 3 - Eldar/Nid's vs Iron hands & ultra marines

This games was the big game. A warmonger and a random against 2 of Da Boyz Best generals Doug Lillie + Shaun Kem. Both of which I have tremendous respect for and a long history of close, tough battles.

The mission was cleanse with deepstrike. Each quarter was worth 750 points but could only be held if you had a scoring unit from each army in it.

They had 6 tac squads of about 7 guys each and a lascannon, 3 squads of 2 speeders, 2 predators, a dev squads with 3 hvy bolters, 2 venerable dreads in drop pods, a termi squad, and a command squad.

The board was strange. Their was no terrain, just a lot of walls of different height. All the terrain in the center of the board was short and the walls on the sides were tall.

Our concept was that we wanted to freeze the middle and contain the flanks, but in order to win we need to keep a lot of nids alive. Our final decicion was to keep the nids central to deal with the deepstirkers, use the Eldar to freeze the middle, and contain the flanks by using long range assault units like ravengers and shining spears as a deterrent.

How it played out. We won the roll off and chose second turn. Our first Goal was to destroy the speeders so we had a speed advantage. The sniper fexes, the jet bike s. cannons and falcon brought down a bunch of speeders. In the process, I left the falcon out in the open as a fire magnet. The marines took the bait, did not move any squads and shot all the lascannons at the falcon, which weathered the storm.

Turn 2 A dread came down deep in our deployment zone and swatted some genestealers and caused them to break. The terminators scattered into genestealers and killed themselves which was a huge break for us. The The sniper fex climbed over a wall and assulted the dread and eventually pulled it down.

On the right flank Teh warlocks, shining spears and 2 jetbike squads battle 2 speeders, and a tac squad. This took a while to work itself out but the shining spears eventually charged to bring the unit below scoring. Which forced another tac squad to move into the quadrant to contest and the tank to move in. The below half tac squad locked up the warlocks but the farseer was still free to kille the predator int he last turn to claim that quarter.

On far side of the board turn 3 the other dread dropped in to kill the harlies down enough that they would need to make a leadership test. The game came down to a lot of luck needed for the marines. The harlies would have to fail their check and the immobilized falcon would have to blow up and catch the fire dragons in the radius of the explosion and bring them below half for the game to be close. The marine shad killed more but we held 3 quarters at this points which was a plus 2250 VPs.

In the end the Falcon lived, and the halries passed thier test so playing the mission objectives resulted in a massacre in our direction, and we pulled in all the extra battle points.

Game notes:

The termies scattering to an untimely doom really helped. Other wise my shining spears and seer council would have had to retreat back toward deployment zone to deal with the dread and termies. So would still would have held 2 quarters and and drew on one giving us only a 750 point advantage which would have made it very close to a tie. (I think we probably would have pulled off a minor victory thought).

Our plan really worked well in the end. The nids handled the deepstrikers, the falcon froze the center and the Eldar pushed back the right flank. The halries and the ravengers were enough of a deterrent to force the left flank to retreat without even the need for hth.

In the end I really think it was tactics that won the game. I think if they had marched guys toward the corners their would not have been much we could have done to contest them with the tiem given to us. Plus being a little more conservative on the deepstrike and keeping the speeders alive would have screwed us and force our hand. Their over aggressive play play with some unit and under aggressive play with other units was their down fall. With the terrain given us, this mission was really anybodies game.

Unit of the match probably goes to the Sniper fex that popped some speeders and trashed the dread in hth. And on my side I would hav eto go with the seercouncil again. They sucked up fire power, helped pin the middle, then did a lot to collapse the right flank, but the farseer killed a pred to drop begin the quarter into our favor and mind warred a marine that was really close to straddling the middle line in the last turn.

Overall, the most most game of the tourny, although the second game probably worried me the most.

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