Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chaos Daemon Squad Sizes: Mathmatical Maximums

With the new chaos space marine codex release, demons were neutered. Most players simply feel they are not even worth taking. I totally disagree. They are a super cheap and fearless. They hit like a assault marine, and have a 5+ I save.

Most importantly they summon. Summoning works like deepstriking near a teleport homer but you get to assault "if you can". The trick to using daemons is putting them in situations where they can assault the turn they come in. Bikes, terminators, personal icons, and rhinos can all really help you deliver the daemon to the fight. Also it should be mentioned, in 4th ed daemons are risk to take because of escalation. Thus you have to rely on infiltrators which eats up points and hurts you in an alpha. 5 edition kills escalation and completely empowers the daemon.

So to kick off the new demon bomb I started thinking about what are the best size units are now that there is no god flavoring.

So without further adieu: Circumference = 2 Pi X R

- Squads of Five give you the max number of scoring units but are easy to kill.

Beyond that with deepstrike you get one full ring around the center model at 7 models, so 8 would be a good squad size as it gives you an extra inch on the charge, and you get the boon of needing to lose 5 guys to fall below 50%.

To get an additional inch you need to bump the squad up to 19... So you might as well go with twenty.


Blog-Admin said...

Pete, perfect timing on the article as I am tossing around the daemon idea for my DG.

What do you think of this idea:
(2) 10 Man DG Squads In Rhino's
(3) 8 Daemon Squads
(1) Dread W/ Las
(3) Obliterators
(1) Typhus
(5) Terminators W/ 1 Reaper

Gives me 5 scoring units in 5th, move the rhino's out bringing the daemons & Typhus/terms down on the icons with the oblits.

deFl0 said...

My immediate knee jerk reaction is that 2 rhino's rarely works. 3 tends to be more than any army can handle, but in 5th ed running is going to change that.

Anyway, couple tips. Runn the 3 Oblits as separate units, consider a nurgle lord on a palanquin for tourny plan as Typhus tends to hit on comp a little. Although Typhus fill a big character hunting whole.

As for the temies, I think 5 points for a combi weapon is a total steal. I've been running ten MOU 2 melta, a hvy flamer and a 7 plasma guns. For 5, I would consider a heavy flamer, 2 meltas and 2 plasma or flamers. The heavy flamer is great with the daemon icons, and in 5th ed their simply won;t be much need for light vehicle hunting as all light vehicle will be junk.

I'm stil on the fence about Dreads, especially as a platform. Now they can only move and shoot one weapon and in most turns you are going to be running, plus they are taller than rhinos so they are going to get popped pretty easily.

I would consider dropping it.

Anyway, I post a bunch of comment on your forum too. let me know what you're thinking.