Monday, March 10, 2008

My Credentials...

As this site is going to be dedicated mostly to how to win Warhammer 40k Tournaments, I thought a list of my credentials might be warranted. Everyone on the internet has advice, but a lot of time you don't know if the advice is crap. Now I realize this comes off as fairly little braggart but I am honestly including every Grand Tournament, Indy GT and Official Rogue Trader Tournament that I have played in since December 2004 starting with my first Games Workshop GT. Yes. You can see I got my ass handed to me at Adepticon Galdiator last year :)

That said, I am not a power gamer. I tend to out general my opponents, with finesse lists. My lists tend to be fairly unorthodox and based on speed, resilience and short ranged firepower.

40K - Official Rogue Trader or Bigger since 2005 (Not Including Warmonger Tournaments)

Best General – Eldar - Boston Massacre Team Tournament – 2008 *

Best General – Chaos Space marines - Assault Phase – 2007

2nd Overall – Manhattan 1st circuit – Armored Company - ‘Ard Boyz - 2007

17th Overall – Eldar- Necronomicon – 2007

Best Hybrid Team – Warmongers Chaos – Adepticon National Team Tourney 2007

27th Overall – Eldar – Adepticon 40k Championship 2007

81st Overall – Eldar – Adepticon Gladiator 2007

Best Overall – Chaos Space Marines – NEWCC - 2006

Best Team – Warmongers – NEWCC - 2006

Best Overall – Sisters of Battle – Rogue Trader ToyWiz - 2006

Best Overall – Chaos Space Marines – Rogue Trader Cherry Hill Mall - 2006

Best Overall – Chaos Space Marines - Necronomicon – 2006

Player’s choice runner up – Chaos Space Marines - Necronomicon – 2006

Best General – Death Guard – Baltimore GT – 2005

Best General Runner Up – Death Guard - Boston GT – 2004

* Self Awarded. Bastards, didn't have a Best general award, but I'm taking it anyway.

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