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Raven Guard 30k - Rhino Armored Personnel Carrier

The rhino is the standard Space Marine APC of the 40k universe, but in 30K it's more of a support vehicle, as it's not really legion sized. That said in a raven guard force, it's especially useful because it can infiltrate and out flank.

Why it shines:
  • It's immune to bolters
  • For units with scout it increases the scout move to 12"
  • It can take a combi-melta or heavy bolter
  • It has 2 fire points
  • It has 3 disembark points
  • It's cheap
  • It is usually scoring with objective secured 
  • 2 guys get to shoot if someone charges it 
All that said, what really makes the rhino shine is the tactics you can do with it

  • Defensive LOS blocker: If you are using a unit like Mor Deythan with flamers, you have infiltrated, scouted into position, and oh shit they seized on you... Well I hope you thought ahead and had your rhino turned sideways. Because if they glance that tank to death you can usually hunker you 5 man squad behind the husk and keep it alive. 
  • Offensive LOS Blocker: I can't tell you how many times I've played a guy who has set up their 5 lascannons behind their Aegis Defense line all proudly, and then I've driven up a rhino and turned it side ways in front of them... It's blocks their LOS to shoot anything, and worse of all if they shoot it dead it's probably still blocking their LOS unless they blow up it up, which blows them up... and then they have to walk around it and snapshot for a turn. 
  • Sniper Rhinos: In 7th ed, you can only kill what you see. Simple enough. But that means you can block LOS and snipe out parts of squads. This is super important for Raven Guard since we have preferred enemy Independent Characters. It allows us to kill off parts of a squad and expose that IC to a melta support squads and melt the praetor or what ever you are after. It also let's you block LOS to that pesky Artificer Armor sgt. and since wounds can't be allocated to what you can't see, feel free to melta the rest of the squad on their 3+ saves. 
  • Peekaboo: In 7th ed, you also can't charge what you can't see. So a well placed rhino can often stuff a charge. You can also make a V shape with 2 rhinos so you can shoot through the gap, but your opponent has to go all the way around to pull off a charge. 
  • Speed bumps: Playing Raven Guard effectively is all about playing the game on your terms. A lot of times that means slowing down units that are trying to get places. A spartan with characters and a big chunk of termies is not cheap. Throwing one or two rhinos side ways in front of it basically wastes all those points for an entire turn and probably made it go though dangerous terrain. 
  • Trapped: A lot of time with Raven Guard you take units in big enough size so you KNOW it's going to be successful at popping a transport. A clever trick is blocking one of the disembark points. This forces units out into the open. It's especially good against land raiders if you can block that back side door as the other side door and front are probably down range and in LOS of you units. You can also usually combo this with the unit inside to get infront of another door.
  • Zig and Zag: In the shooting phase your rhino can often move after you have shot, which often let's you shoot something and then it can't return fire. 
  • Flier Manipulation: This is especially viable with outflanking armies or when you have deployed near a board edge. You know a flier has to move 18" at a minimum and can only make one turn at 90 degrees. So you can find where the extreme short movement points of a flier exists. If you put your transport there it has to move further than your tank of move more directly forward than it wants. In addition, it usually means that aircraft can't shoot that tank either. AND it means you will have rear shots on the flier next turn. 
Units I use with Rhinos:
  • Vets with 2 meltas in a rhino with a combi melta
  • Vets with 2 plasma in a rhino with a hvy bolter
  • 10 tacs in a rhino for scoring
  • Destoyers w/ 2 missile launchers, phosphex greande in a rhino
  • Mor Deythan w. 5 combi flamers
  • Mor Deythan w. 6 combi flamers, 3 meltas, 1 melta bomb in a rhino w. combi melta
  • 10 mor deythan w. 10 combi volkites in a rhino
On a final note, I do wish there where slightly different rules for MKI and MKII rhinos like they did with the different termi armor. That said, with my Raven Guard Rhinos I went with Hover rhinos to portray their stealthiness. Pictures coming soon!

Did I miss any sneaky rhino Tactics?

Raven Guard 30K - Legion Tactical Support Squads

Legion Tactical Support squads are the mobile fire-support units of the Legions, and nobody uses them better than Raven Guard. Bristling with short range, hard hitting, specialized fire power the question is not why to use them but how to use them best. Not to mention they are really cheap base coming in only 5 points more than a tac marine.

Raven Guard are unique in that they can choose to infiltrate, out flank, or deepstrike in drop pod (with decapitating strike) Legion Tactical Squads. So you can choose to use them to alpha strike or be more reactive with them.

What weapon you equip them with and how you deploy them defines their role.

The weapons:

  • Flamers - Cheap as chips, but if i'm going to take flamers I'm going to take Mor Deythan for rending flamers. However these may grow in popularity if more armies with chaff troops are released.
  • Rotor Cannons - Let's just say I wish my Mor Deythan could take these. 30" S3 AP6 salvo 3/4 weapons that most people put their nose up to... At S3 they are only good at hunting infantry, and if you do the math you on average kill 3 marines with 40 shots. However you do force a lot more saves so the potential of killing a lot more is there. These are the type of weapons that a Divination librarian can really increase the out on with powers like misfortune. All that said, this a good unit for armies that deploy 24" away from their enemy in a fortification and whittle you down as you cross the table. Which isn't really Raven Guard's style of play. 
  • Volkite Calivers - These are really good. At 30" S6 AP5 Heavy 2 they threaten infantry and light vehicles a like. More importantly they kill on average 4 marines, regardless of if they are in cover or not. 
  • Volkite Chargers - A lot of forums will rave about how they love these. At 15" S5 AP Assault 2 they are ok. IMO, the difference between them and rapid fire bolters is negligible. And at 25/20 pts they are difficult for me to justify. 
  • Plasma Gun - These are you termi killers, but honestly they are wonderful because they threaten almost everything. In general, i am often trying to decide between Mor Deythan Flamer squads, Seekers with plasmas or Plasma support squads almost every time I put together a list. 
  • Melta Gun - I love these. Yeah, people point out out that there is tons of ceremite armor running around 30K, but really there are always targets available. Dreads, transports, sicarians, scorpius, t4 termies with 2 wounds, ICs, castellax? Yeah, I want all those dead and dead and fast. Legion support squads are the cheapest way to do it. 
Squads I use:

  •  10 Volkite Calivers. Simply infiltrate them into a cover or top of a building and plink away. They tend to be a pretty good spot to put Alvarex Maun with cameleoline. Stealth helps them stay alive and they are best not starting in a transport. Good for a central unit for a reserve based list or a litst that is going to max out shooting from cover with stealth. 
  • 5 melta guns, sgt w. melta bomb, in a drop pod. Good for alpha strike or for reserve strike. It's a great unit to hunt heavy infantry or vehicles. 
  • 10 melta guns, sgt w. melta bomb in a drop pod. I've also started fielding larger squads in larger games to deal with the ever popular knight and castellax units. A squad of 10 can really gut any unit if they get caught out of position. Against something like knights I'll use a rhino to make it so I can't scatter more than 6" away. If it works, stay in the pod! Why? See Below.
  • 10 plasma guns, in a drop pod. So in 30k you don't have to get out of your drop pod. You can land and fire at people and can't be shot or charged until they bust open the vehicle. This is especially strong for plasma guns, which rapid fire at 12" and can still shoot even with a bad scatter. Oh and don't forget, if they charge the drop pod you get to overwatch them with the 10 man plasma gun squads. This squad though is better taken in an army with multiple drop pods, as you might not want it to land first turn. It often can do more damage after you crack open a transport, or into rear armor of vehicles that have started moving across the board.  
Siege Breaker Consul:

Whaaaaat? I know. Curve ball but think about it. Tank hunter makes 9 meltas or 9 plasma gun very viable even against units like a spartan or something with ceremite armor. He also brings phosphex grenades, which are great out or a drop pod and allows you to upgrade medusas to phosphex grenades for free, which works really well with Alvarex as a spotter. Plus with the option of 3 Dueces in a squadron, one hvy slot doesn't look that bad. The whole combo together can line up some hellish first turn alpha strikes. 

Plus from a fluff perspective, how cool is a destroyer heavy army with a Siege Breakers and dueces with phosphex grenades!!!

Thoughts, or questions? Do you use other combos?

Raven Guard 30K - Tactical Squads

More than any other unit, the Tactical Squad is building block of all Space Marines, and in 30K the Tactical Squad is the building block of the Legions. Without taking a Rite of War you are left to chose between Tactical Squads, Assault Squads and Breacher squads to fill your troop requirements. The Tactical Squad is by far the most efficient option. It also means that you have 300 pts of sunk cost you have to figure out how to use efficiently.

At 15 pts for the first ten marines and 10 pts for the second ten they are the cheapest marine you can buy, coming in 7.5 points cheaper than the next cheapest marine at 22.5 at piece (breachers).

They come standard with bolters, bolter pistols, frags and crack grenades and fury of the legion. And Because they are Raven Guard Infantry, they come with Infiltrate and Fleet.

Infiltrate gives Raven Guard Tacs squads some strong advantages.

  1. It allows us to deploy on objectives before the game starts, forcing your opponent to push you off, which is an especially viable tactic in maelstrom missions. 
  2. It allows us to deploy within bolter range for Fury of the Legion shots first turn. Note: For this reason I don't think you should ever swap the bolters for CCWs.
  3. It allows us threaten hth or charges with crack grenades. 
  4. It allows us to infiltrated rhinos, which can take combi-meltas, or can tank shock, or speed bump vehicles, or hold objectives, or be a LOS blocker for your tac squad, or drive it up and park right in front of an enemy heavy weapon squad, so they can't see anythign to shoot (Lol. Yeah. They hate that). 
  5. It allows you to outflank

Fleet is also very powerful. It can be used defensively to run away or scramble to objectives. Or is can be used to run forward or help get charges off.

They also come with some solid squad upgrades. Unlike in 40k they don get special and heavy weapon choices, but they do get an option of an additional ccw weapon. I almost never see people take this, but it's actually really quite potent. For 2 points you do as much damage as a 15 pt marine in hth, and unlike other legions we get infiltrate and fleet which both help us actually get in hth and use those extra attacks. And with infiltrate Raven Guard can deploy so that they can pick the hth match ups.

The other two interesting options is the nuncio-vox and the legion vexilla. The nuncio-vexilla is great for Raven Guard. It can help deep striking list be considerably more accurate and can help spot for artillery. The vexilla lets you re roll leadership. In a lot of other legions it's almost an auto include. In Raven Guard, I'm usually running my tacs with an IC with fearless or naked.

You also have the option upgrade the sgt. What you take on him basically dictates how you will use the tac squad. Artificer armor is great for a pure shooting blob where he will be the closest model and suck up returning fire. In a squad that will see hth, I tend to additionally give him a power axe and melta bomb. Otherwise run him naked.

Finally, they also have options to cheap transports. This is another huge boon often overlooked. The basic rhino is hugely versatile and a strong choice for maelstrom or objective mission. In addition, you can take a drop pod (with decapitating strike). It's a fairly powerful option that is almost unique to Raven Guard. It allows Raven Guard to play re-actively against our opponents.

Squad Load Outs:

  1. 10 man tac squad in a Rhino. This is you basic objective grabber. 
  2. 10 man tac squad. Standard rear guard unit meant to be an objective camper. 
  3. 10 man tac squad nuncio-vox. I usually take one of these in reserve lists
  4. 20 man tac squad w. extra ccws, sgt w. power axe, melta bomb, chaplain with refractor, melta bomb power axe, cameleoline
But wait!!! Where are the 15-20 man squads with vexilla and apothecaries? 

True. You see these in tons of other legions. And feel no pain is a strong rule. But Raven Guard are not a rule set that favors "weathering a storm". Other legions do that better than us. Instead we have resilience by deploying in reserves or by front loading damage so the enemy has less to shoot back at us. 

I generally use all my elite slots for Mor Deythan, termies, rapier platforms, etc. 

Do you have any thought on Raven Guard Tacticals that I missed?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Raven Guard 30K - Librarians

Raven Guard are not really known for their librarians. Corax did not approve of them and was not at the council of Nikae, and the legion followed it's edict and disbanded their Librium. 

That said, the Raven is very much a symbol of magic in literature and the telepathy rules in general seem to really work well with Raven Guard's style of play. 

In general, I would pick telepathy, largely because every power is useful if you build your list right. I find that librarians are especially good in 20 man tac squad with extra ccws, or with vets that are hth orientated.

With Maun and decapitating strike you have a solid chance of going first when your opponent is sitting on their back board edge. Which can be really good with terrify and deathwind drop pods, since you can force them to run off their own back board edge. 

With infiltrate you can run telepathy especially well:

- psychic shriek- You start in range to use this. Great against things like castellax, termies, etc

- dominate- you are so close that a unit will likely take a couple tests if they are going to move, shoot and charge you. Plus if you have shroud bombs... Take two leadership checks to charge :) Yeah, happens a lot against my mor deythan that just pounded you with rending flamers!

- mental fortitude- I sit him in a unit of 20 tacs with extra ccw. So fearless is always welcome. It's actually the power I usually want most. Which is funny cause in 40k it's usually the power that I'm bummed if I roll. 

- terrify - Boo! Yeah you just ran off the board... Happened every game I used him! Also, good with shroud bombs. 

- shrouding- Great synergy with camo cloaks. (Which you will take on him). 2+ cover is wonderful

- invisibility- Again great when sitting in the tac squad.

- hallucination - Interestingly, the -1 to initiative has come into play a couple times with all the blinding stuff. Not to mention "You, you're the traitor" is pretty perfect for Horus heresy! As for game play the units are so large, it's not a bad character sniping rule. 

You could also make a argument for divination as prescience is always viable as a force multiplier or for biomancy, which turns the librarian into a beast in hth with powers like iron arm. But from strictly a feel perspective and from a competitive perspective, I think telepathy is the way to go. 

Raven Guard 30K - Wargear

Wargear is especially interesting for the Raven Guard legion. You can't think Raven Guard without thinking lightning claws, but on a deeper level the XIX Legion pioneered the MK IV "corvus" armor (aka Beakie armor), which was the most technologically advanced power armor at the time of the Horus heresy. In addition, their home world of Deliverance has it's own forgeworlds and they were known to commission unique variation of wargear and vehicles, including the whisper cutter, death wind drop pod and the dark wing storm eagle.

One of the major differences between the way the Legions play is their wargear and Raven Guard are no exception. To the Review!

The Raven's Talons - For 10 pts, you can upgrade all the lightning claws on a model to be master crafted and rending. So basically it's the weapon Shrike has in 40k. To be honest master crafted alone is usual 15 pts. And if you have two claws, they are both master crafted, so you get 2 re rolls IMO. So from that perspective it's a pretty solid deal. That said a single claw is usually 20 pts and 2 is usually 25 pts so with the upgrade you are talking roughly 30 or 25 points, which is not cheap. Lightning claws are meant to shred infantry, so the claws give you a chance to hurt 2+ armor. It's obviously fluffy as hell for Raven Guard, but is it worth?

Depends on the unit. So let's look at units:

  • Squad Sergeants = No. A power fist or axe fills the same niche at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Praetor = No. The Paragon blade at 25 points with instant death is just too damn efficient and has to be the go to "at initiative" weapon choice. 
  • Consuls = No. Most of them either are restricted from taking claws, come with a solid viable weapon choice or simply have stronger weapon choices. 
  • Termies = Maybe. Basic termies are a pretty good buy in 30k. I personally like them with power axes and combi meltas with a couple chain fists sprinkled in, but Raven Talon Termies do put out enough attacks to make the upgrade worthy, especially if you can figure out a good transport option from them to charge from so they get the +1 strength. 
  • Dark Fury = Maybe. Dark Fury are an amazing deal for what you pay for them. My personal philosophy is to keep them super cheap. If I'm going to spend more points on them I am more likely to buy more of them or buy a chaplain with the void shield relic. That said, pair of raven claws are usually 35pts worth of wargear, so really the guy is only 5 points! It's an upgrade I'm more willing to take in larger games after you have increased the size of the squad, as you start running into death stars with nasty characters with 2+ saves.
Infravisor - Any character can get night vision for 5pts which translates tot he entire squad. It has the downside of taking blind tests at I1, but that is a pretty rare situation. In general, it's a pretty efficient upgrade, but there are not really that many units it makes sense with. I would only take it on shooting units that rely on low AP

Units that should take Infravisors:
  • Heavy weapon squads lascannons or plasma cannons
  • mor deythan or seekers or special weapon squads with meltas or plasma guns
  • bikes and jetbikes with low AP weapons like plasma cannons
  • ICs that are going to join something like a rapier destroyer squad
  • plasma gun moritats. 
  • tank hunters like a termi squad with tons of combi meltas
  • vet's with meltas as you will be alpha striking 
Cameleoline - 5 points for stealth might be the best deal in the game. I'm serious. You should take it on every single IC that can. NOTE: Alvarex Maun CAN take it. Unlike 40k there is no riders that prohibit him from taking Legion specific Wargear. 

Also remember Mor Deythan, Nex, Recon Marines and Vigilators already get it. 

Unit's that should take cameleoline:
  • Alvarex Maun
  • All Consul types. I especially like it on chaplains and praevians with casteallax. 
Fractal Harrow Blade - First off it's a Raven Guard specific relic. So a lot of tournies might not allow it. It's 35 points, it gives you +1 str, ap3, rending with a blood ruin rule that doubles the kills by that model by 2 for combat results. The interesting thing about it is that it's a passive rule, so you can use it with a paragon blade! So if you want to go crazy and break big units and run them down, maybe a praetor on a bike  or with a jump pack might be fun. And for 35 points, you are likely auto breaking a unit, which is powerful. Is that worth 35 points? Maybe. It's definitely not an obvious deal and I general believe we have better places to spend points than beat stick characters. 

Beil-Tan Eldar Epic Army

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Raven Guard 30k Philosophy- List Building

Every legion in 30k has their strengths either through a Rite of war, special war gear, legion special rules, ally chart, a special unit or a special character. Beyond that the legions are identical in strength. So in list building, we need to ask not only what units are good in general but are they better in our particular legion. If your legion doesn't buff a specific unit, your list is at best equal to other legions and probably worse compared to other legions.

Now to add to this, most legions have rules that either increase their damage out put or increase their resilience. The third thing they often pick up is timing progression. It's often overlooked by most generals, but it's critical to under stand how list progression impacts your legion. Some legions are stronger in early turns, some in in the mid game and some in the end game. And what you take in your list should match your progression. This is especially important for Raven Guard, as they have very strong rules for early game progressions with decapitating strike and Alvarex Maun. However they can also have strong mid game progressions with outflank and lists that rely on reserves. It's even possible to build strong late game progression lists with Raven Guard if you stay away from decapitating strike.

All that said, anything you kill first turn never gets to hurt you back which mean you are basically starting with more points than your opponent.

So with that back drop let's discuss Raven Guard strengths, but let me preface this article with this:


So first off, By Wing an Talon is the rule that makes Raven Guard special but let's look at both parts of the rule separately.

  • Non terminator Infantry have infiltrate and fleet.
    • Note: It's been clarified that jump pack marines do not get these rules, even though 7th ed rules are pretty clear that they do. 
Infiltrate gives us a couple enormous advantages. 
  1. It allows us to deploy after our opponents, letting us dictate locational fire power and assault supremacy. (Increase in damage output).
  2. It allows us to also get better angles on shooting vehicles to hit side armor. Increase in damage output) 
  3. It allows us to deploy in terrain. (Increase in resilience).
  4. It allows us to deploy on objectives. (Increase in early game scoring)
  5. It allows us to deploy out of range of threatening units. (Increase in resilience).
  6. It allows us to save points on transports. (Increase in point efficiency) 
  7. It allows us to deploy shorter ranged weapons more efficiently. Which actually translates into a lot of different efficiencies. We save points on the range premium tacked onto weapons like las cannons. Rapid fire weapons can shoot more. Short ranged weapons can shoot earlier in the game. It's more likely we will actually get to shoot a weapon before it gets killed. 
  8. Dedicated transports get infiltrate (including landraiders!), which can be helpful in a lot of ways. It adds another unit (which often has objective secured), but you can also use them as mobile bunkers or movable LOS blocking terrain. Or even as a platform for more fire power with options like combi meltas or hvy bolters. 
  9. Infiltrate also gives outflank, which allows you to run a reserve list, thus shifting your list progression towards mid game progression. (Increase in resilience)
Fleet increases our mobility letting us run faster and make it into cover more often, but I think the most important aspect of fleet is the re roll to charge range. A lot of winning games is about risk mitigation. Fleet helps us make charges, it also means we are more likely to get the charge, which sets up certain combos. 

Raven Guard Units that take advantage of these rules:
  • Infiltrate:
    • Mor Deythan, Heavy Weapon Squads, special Weapon squads, seekers, tac squads, rapier artillery platforms, vets, ICs, apothecaries, Ad Mech units (think castellax), destroyers, breachers, recon squads
  • Fleet:
    • Tac squads (especially with extra ccw), destroyers on foot, vets, units with melta bombs
Now let's look at the second part of the rule:
  • Jump infantry, bikes, jetbikes, termies all get furious charge. 
  • So basically we are 1/6th better on the charge than other legions, which a force multiplier.
  • Grenades are more effective, so we can hurt contemptors and knight titans on the charge with crack grenades, not to mention melta bombs are slightly better. 
  • You oblit T3 models, which create efficiency and combs with S5+ weapon and rad grenades. This is especially important for killing units with Feel no Pain. 
Raven Guard Units that take advantage of furious charge:
  • Units like forge lords, tech marines, moritats and destroyers can all take rad grenades. 
  • ICs on jet bikes, with jump packs or in termi armor 
  • Dark fury or assault marines
  • bikes and jet bikes can take melta bombs 
  • Terminators, especially power axe and chain fists get better.  
In conclusion, if you are taking units that are not in either of these lists or are not set up to take advantage of these rules you are basically taking units that are fundamentally equal or worse than other legions, so you probably shouldn't be taking them ;)

There are a few exceptions when you are start taking into consideration decaptitating strike and alverax maun, think things in drop pods, fire raptors, alpha strike units etc. but I'll cover those in other articles. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors Game #3

Game 3. Iron Warriors again! Why do the Iron Warrions hate the XIX legion sooo much!

Raven Guard 1850
- Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

Iron Warriors (from memory)
- Warsmith
- 10 man tac squad in rhino
- 2 X 10man tac squad
- 7 havoks with missile launchers
- 5 havoks with lascannons
- 1 scorpius 
- 1 sicarian
- 2 X contemptors with kerres assault cannon and fists

12 " long board deployment. I didn't get first turn but deployed aggressively hoping to seize the initiative... Which I did not...

The iron warriors deployed acroos their entire deployment zone to minimize my infiltrating shenanigans. On the left flank they posted the missile launchers in a crater, then a centemptor, then a tac in a rhino. Another tac was deployed centrally on a hill with the war smith hidden behind it. the other contemptor was deployed next to the hill in front of the sicarian and the lascannons and scorpius held down the right flank with the last rhino mobile tac squad.

I deployed a mor deythan squad in a rhino 18" off the lascannonns with the large tac squad, Muan and the chaplain. The other mor deythan pincered on the other flank 18"; away from the missile launchers. The other tac squad deployed up in a building in the middle of the board and the rhino was left for objective duty. 

I scouted to within 12" with both mor deythan and failed to seize the initiative. It took most of the fire power to crack the right flank mor deythan rhino. The scorpius put a small dent in the big tac squad. The second mor deythan rhino was cracked late in the turn so i deployed them 3" forward. The IW tac squad on the righ tflank moved forward.

On my turn, I rended most of the missile launchers to death on the left flank. On the right flank, I ran the mor deytahn behind some los blocking terrian. The beig tac squad moved and charged the rhino blowign it up. The middle tac squad FOTL'd the other middle tac squad.

On the left flank the centemptor tried to kill off the mor deythan but with stealth they managed to shed a bunch of wounds.  so it charged in. One the right the tac started running off to an objective and the scorpius, contemptor, and sicarian tried to wrack up wounds on the big tac squad. They were in 4+ cover, so with stealth they bounced a lot of the damage. (Insert grumblings about stealth).

At this point, the cestus ram came in on the left flank. On the right flank I broke off Maun and attached him to the mor deythan which rending flamed the taqc squad and then finished it off in hth. The chappy and big tac squad disorder charged the scorpius and lascannon squad killing them both. 

The sicarian and centemptor on the right flank tried to whittle down the big tac squad and on the left flank the tac squads wiped out the mor deythan and got ready to deal with the termies. 

The termies split charged and grabbed both the tac squads in hth. One squads with 2 guys broker but the war smith held strong. On the right flank the big tac squads soldiered on chargign the sicarian and almost killed it. The sicarian retreated and the contemptor charged the fearless tacs. On the left flank the contemptor charged the terminators. 

The rest of the game was a hth grind with the cestus ram killing off the sicarian and small tac squad. The large tac squad dwindled down to the Melta bomb sgt and the melta bomb chappy, and on the left flank the termis killed off the warsmith and tacs and tied up the contemptor. 

The game was really hard fought on both sides and very bloody. The Iron warriors had lost pretty much everything and I ended up with a major victory and all the secondary points. 

Overall the only points I didn't get were the difference between this major victory and the possibility of a slaughter which I I think I missed by a point. 

I think this IW list was brutally hard and i didn't do myself an favors by over aggressively deploying. That said, had I seized I think the game would have been a massacre. It's hard to say what my opponent could have done differently. I think in some ways he deployed to spread out to limit my infiltrating. 

In anycase, the pincer attack totally divided his force and I ate my way down the flanks. The clear MVPs were the big tac squad and chaplain, but the mordeythan really held their own by killing both dev squads. It also helped that every unit of mine had a kill or more. 

Anyway, It was a wonderful event. I can't wait until next year!

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors Game #2

Game 2 at the Horus Heresy Tournament was against an Iron Warrior player, Nate Reed.
Raven Guard 1850
- Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

Iron Warriors (off the top of my head)

- Warsmith w. AA, paragon blade, Volkite charger, Mb, Servo arm, cortex controller
- mortis contemptor w. 2 x lascannon
- 10 tacs w. powerfist
- 10 x tac with power axe in rhino
- 10 x tacs in rhino
- 5 iron havocs w, 5 x lascannons
- 7 legion support w. 7 volkite colverns
- land raider proteus
- 2 castellax with multi meltas
- aegis defense line

The iron warriors deployed the lascannons up in a three story building. The aegis defense was deployed diagonally across their corner deployment. The castellax were in the middle of the board, the culverns in the middle of the aegis line with the praetor. On tac squad was deployed back in a rhino as rear guard and the other tac squads were in the rhino and land raider about mid way up the board. 

The raven guard deployed two mor deythan dead middle of the board, on tac squad in a rhino way back in the deployment corner and the 20 man tac with chaplain and Alvarex Maun deployed middle long board edge on my opponents side of the board. 

Raven Guard seized the initiative on their re roll and the game began. The Mor Deythan wiped out the volkite culvern squad, peeled two wounds off a castellax and left the war smith out in the open. 

The between the lascannons, praetor and tacs the two mor deythan were wiped out and the Castellax charged the big tac squad. 

The cestus dropped in near Alvarex in the middle of the board and took a big chunk out of the lascannons and a tac squad. The rhinos dropped back to the middle of the board to do some scoring. 

The lascannons brought the cestus down but it was in hover mode. So the termies piled out and smoked the praetor and some tac squad stragglers. 

The iron warriors started to move the land raider toward and rhino with tacs across the board hoping to pick up some objectives. Meanwhile the las cannon landraider and lascannons started peeling off some termies.

The tacs finally chewed through the castellax and moved into the iron warriors deployment zone using a rhino as movable LOS block terrain. 

They eventually killed the rear guard rhino and squad inside and FOTL'd the las havoks out of the building. 

The Raven Guard won full victory points and all secondary objectives. 

Basically the same tactics that won game one won me game two. The infiltrating / scouting mor deythan blew a hole in the middle of the iron warrior line and then tied up resources, while the big tac squad grinded down the castellax threat. The rending flamers did a lot of damage first turn and took away the advantage of the aegis defense line because it ignored cover. Infiltrate and being mounted in rhinos lets me score tons of cards and the iron warriors were pinned in their deployment zone and didn't really have the maneuverability to react to my aggressive alpha strike. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs. Alpha Legion Game #1

This year I decided to try out Horus heresy and paint a Raven Guard army. It's still a work in progress, but this is my first event. The event was 1850 pts, the terrain was great and the missions were spectacular. The format was maelstrom with a special horus heresy deck. Rules: Scenario: Forge world didn't get me my fire raptor or my grav rapiers on time so I was left to scramble for minis. Luckily I had some termies lying around and a cestus ram I've been dying to paint for ages. 

My list: Raven Guard 1850
 - Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

 The first mission was diagonal deployment and you drew 7 cards and discarded down to 3 then both opponents drew a card for the middle pf the table that both sides could accomplish.

 My opponent was Lucas como, with alpha legion: Coils of the snake
 - praetor w. power dagger, paragon blade, refractor, plasma pistol
- navigator
- 20 breachers w. vexilla, 3 volkite chargers, sgt w. mbs, breacher charge, AA, thunder hammer
- 2 X 10 tacs in rhino with sgt w. mb
- 8 support squad w. 7 roto cannons, augury scanner, mb
 - 2 medics 1 w. augury scanner - attack bike multi melta and mb
- 8 hunter killers hvy bolter and mb
- 9 heavy weapon squad w. auto cannons augury scanner and mb

 Deployment was hilarious with 2 infiltrating armies. He deployed his auto cannons with the navigator and medic deep in his deployment zone in the right corner and the roto cannons deep middle of his long board edge both in cover. The head hunters we in a building next to the roto canons. The breachers he deployed on were deployed in the middle of the left board edge with the praetor and medic. He deployed the tac squad in a rhino of the left side of the board in my deployment zone with the melta bike and the other tax in my deployment zone to the right.

 For me deployment was pretty easy. I deployed dead middle of the board with the 10 man tac in a rhino to sit on an objective. One mor deythan was deployed to hunt the autocannon squad, the other was deployed to hunt the roto cannon squad. The large tac squad with maun and the chaplain would fight off the tac squad and breachers in the left corner in my deployment. Alpha legion get +1 to go first, and re roll steal the initiative. In a crazy fury of dice rolls he rolled higher, but my re roll won first turn, but then he stole the initiative with a re roll... Such is Raven Guard vs Alpha legion!

 Other than losing first turn the game went according to plan. The mor deythan had their rhinos blown up after they scouted into position, but 5 guy made it to the head hunters and erased them, and 3 of the other mor deythan made it to the auto cannon team erased most of them and took out the navigator. The combi melta rhino melted the attack bike on a snap shot after the bike failed to kill the rhino. In the bottom left hand corner, the alpha tacs took up position in a building, but we largely cut down with bolter fire and broke. The 20 man tac squad took the building roof. The breachers tried to push them off the position, but the fearlees 20 man tac squad Fury of the legioned them. Turn two the cestus deepstruck in and dropped a bunch of template weapons on the breacher squad. The breacher squad failed a long charge which resulted in the termi squad getting the charge. To add insult to injury the praetor died to a combi melta attack right before the combat. I ended up with Max point and it was a massacre.

Other than being seized on everything went according to plan. Kill the hvy weapons with mor deythan. Bait with the fearless mob of tacs and finish off the dangerous hth units with the termies. The MVPs were the big tac squad. All the cards that were important were in that corner and they pushed back a tac squad and held off a big breacher squad with a praetor and medic until the termies arrived. Lucas was a great opponent, he kept on the pressure all games. In the end my list won because of maneuverability and the ability to react. He invested heavily in static shooting, which let me have locational superior fire power