Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors Game #2

Game 2 at the Horus Heresy Tournament was against an Iron Warrior player, Nate Reed.
Raven Guard 1850
- Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

Iron Warriors (off the top of my head)

- Warsmith w. AA, paragon blade, Volkite charger, Mb, Servo arm, cortex controller
- mortis contemptor w. 2 x lascannon
- 10 tacs w. powerfist
- 10 x tac with power axe in rhino
- 10 x tacs in rhino
- 5 iron havocs w, 5 x lascannons
- 7 legion support w. 7 volkite colverns
- land raider proteus
- 2 castellax with multi meltas
- aegis defense line

The iron warriors deployed the lascannons up in a three story building. The aegis defense was deployed diagonally across their corner deployment. The castellax were in the middle of the board, the culverns in the middle of the aegis line with the praetor. On tac squad was deployed back in a rhino as rear guard and the other tac squads were in the rhino and land raider about mid way up the board. 

The raven guard deployed two mor deythan dead middle of the board, on tac squad in a rhino way back in the deployment corner and the 20 man tac with chaplain and Alvarex Maun deployed middle long board edge on my opponents side of the board. 

Raven Guard seized the initiative on their re roll and the game began. The Mor Deythan wiped out the volkite culvern squad, peeled two wounds off a castellax and left the war smith out in the open. 

The between the lascannons, praetor and tacs the two mor deythan were wiped out and the Castellax charged the big tac squad. 

The cestus dropped in near Alvarex in the middle of the board and took a big chunk out of the lascannons and a tac squad. The rhinos dropped back to the middle of the board to do some scoring. 

The lascannons brought the cestus down but it was in hover mode. So the termies piled out and smoked the praetor and some tac squad stragglers. 

The iron warriors started to move the land raider toward and rhino with tacs across the board hoping to pick up some objectives. Meanwhile the las cannon landraider and lascannons started peeling off some termies.

The tacs finally chewed through the castellax and moved into the iron warriors deployment zone using a rhino as movable LOS block terrain. 

They eventually killed the rear guard rhino and squad inside and FOTL'd the las havoks out of the building. 

The Raven Guard won full victory points and all secondary objectives. 

Basically the same tactics that won game one won me game two. The infiltrating / scouting mor deythan blew a hole in the middle of the iron warrior line and then tied up resources, while the big tac squad grinded down the castellax threat. The rending flamers did a lot of damage first turn and took away the advantage of the aegis defense line because it ignored cover. Infiltrate and being mounted in rhinos lets me score tons of cards and the iron warriors were pinned in their deployment zone and didn't really have the maneuverability to react to my aggressive alpha strike.