Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs Iron Warriors Game #3

Game 3. Iron Warriors again! Why do the Iron Warrions hate the XIX legion sooo much!

Raven Guard 1850
- Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

Iron Warriors (from memory)
- Warsmith
- 10 man tac squad in rhino
- 2 X 10man tac squad
- 7 havoks with missile launchers
- 5 havoks with lascannons
- 1 scorpius 
- 1 sicarian
- 2 X contemptors with kerres assault cannon and fists

12 " long board deployment. I didn't get first turn but deployed aggressively hoping to seize the initiative... Which I did not...

The iron warriors deployed acroos their entire deployment zone to minimize my infiltrating shenanigans. On the left flank they posted the missile launchers in a crater, then a centemptor, then a tac in a rhino. Another tac was deployed centrally on a hill with the war smith hidden behind it. the other contemptor was deployed next to the hill in front of the sicarian and the lascannons and scorpius held down the right flank with the last rhino mobile tac squad.

I deployed a mor deythan squad in a rhino 18" off the lascannonns with the large tac squad, Muan and the chaplain. The other mor deythan pincered on the other flank 18"; away from the missile launchers. The other tac squad deployed up in a building in the middle of the board and the rhino was left for objective duty. 

I scouted to within 12" with both mor deythan and failed to seize the initiative. It took most of the fire power to crack the right flank mor deythan rhino. The scorpius put a small dent in the big tac squad. The second mor deythan rhino was cracked late in the turn so i deployed them 3" forward. The IW tac squad on the righ tflank moved forward.

On my turn, I rended most of the missile launchers to death on the left flank. On the right flank, I ran the mor deytahn behind some los blocking terrian. The beig tac squad moved and charged the rhino blowign it up. The middle tac squad FOTL'd the other middle tac squad.

On the left flank the centemptor tried to kill off the mor deythan but with stealth they managed to shed a bunch of wounds.  so it charged in. One the right the tac started running off to an objective and the scorpius, contemptor, and sicarian tried to wrack up wounds on the big tac squad. They were in 4+ cover, so with stealth they bounced a lot of the damage. (Insert grumblings about stealth).

At this point, the cestus ram came in on the left flank. On the right flank I broke off Maun and attached him to the mor deythan which rending flamed the taqc squad and then finished it off in hth. The chappy and big tac squad disorder charged the scorpius and lascannon squad killing them both. 

The sicarian and centemptor on the right flank tried to whittle down the big tac squad and on the left flank the tac squads wiped out the mor deythan and got ready to deal with the termies. 

The termies split charged and grabbed both the tac squads in hth. One squads with 2 guys broker but the war smith held strong. On the right flank the big tac squads soldiered on chargign the sicarian and almost killed it. The sicarian retreated and the contemptor charged the fearless tacs. On the left flank the contemptor charged the terminators. 

The rest of the game was a hth grind with the cestus ram killing off the sicarian and small tac squad. The large tac squad dwindled down to the Melta bomb sgt and the melta bomb chappy, and on the left flank the termis killed off the warsmith and tacs and tied up the contemptor. 

The game was really hard fought on both sides and very bloody. The Iron warriors had lost pretty much everything and I ended up with a major victory and all the secondary points. 

Overall the only points I didn't get were the difference between this major victory and the possibility of a slaughter which I I think I missed by a point. 

I think this IW list was brutally hard and i didn't do myself an favors by over aggressively deploying. That said, had I seized I think the game would have been a massacre. It's hard to say what my opponent could have done differently. I think in some ways he deployed to spread out to limit my infiltrating. 

In anycase, the pincer attack totally divided his force and I ate my way down the flanks. The clear MVPs were the big tac squad and chaplain, but the mordeythan really held their own by killing both dev squads. It also helped that every unit of mine had a kill or more. 

Anyway, It was a wonderful event. I can't wait until next year!

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