Monday, March 23, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Horus Heresy Raven Guard vs. Alpha Legion Game #1

This year I decided to try out Horus heresy and paint a Raven Guard army. It's still a work in progress, but this is my first event. The event was 1850 pts, the terrain was great and the missions were spectacular. The format was maelstrom with a special horus heresy deck. Rules: Scenario: Forge world didn't get me my fire raptor or my grav rapiers on time so I was left to scramble for minis. Luckily I had some termies lying around and a cestus ram I've been dying to paint for ages. 

My list: Raven Guard 1850
 - Alvarex Maun w. cameololine cloak
- Chaplain w. power axe, artificer armor, refractor field and melta bombs
- 20 Tac marines w. extra ccws, sgt w. power sword, artificer armor, and melta bombs
- 10 tac marines w. rhino w. combi melta
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 5 mor deythan w. 5 combi flamer in a rhino
- 10 terminators w. 5 power axes, 2 combi meltas and 5 lightning claws and a grenade harness
- cestus ram

 The first mission was diagonal deployment and you drew 7 cards and discarded down to 3 then both opponents drew a card for the middle pf the table that both sides could accomplish.

 My opponent was Lucas como, with alpha legion: Coils of the snake
 - praetor w. power dagger, paragon blade, refractor, plasma pistol
- navigator
- 20 breachers w. vexilla, 3 volkite chargers, sgt w. mbs, breacher charge, AA, thunder hammer
- 2 X 10 tacs in rhino with sgt w. mb
- 8 support squad w. 7 roto cannons, augury scanner, mb
 - 2 medics 1 w. augury scanner - attack bike multi melta and mb
- 8 hunter killers hvy bolter and mb
- 9 heavy weapon squad w. auto cannons augury scanner and mb

 Deployment was hilarious with 2 infiltrating armies. He deployed his auto cannons with the navigator and medic deep in his deployment zone in the right corner and the roto cannons deep middle of his long board edge both in cover. The head hunters we in a building next to the roto canons. The breachers he deployed on were deployed in the middle of the left board edge with the praetor and medic. He deployed the tac squad in a rhino of the left side of the board in my deployment zone with the melta bike and the other tax in my deployment zone to the right.

 For me deployment was pretty easy. I deployed dead middle of the board with the 10 man tac in a rhino to sit on an objective. One mor deythan was deployed to hunt the autocannon squad, the other was deployed to hunt the roto cannon squad. The large tac squad with maun and the chaplain would fight off the tac squad and breachers in the left corner in my deployment. Alpha legion get +1 to go first, and re roll steal the initiative. In a crazy fury of dice rolls he rolled higher, but my re roll won first turn, but then he stole the initiative with a re roll... Such is Raven Guard vs Alpha legion!

 Other than losing first turn the game went according to plan. The mor deythan had their rhinos blown up after they scouted into position, but 5 guy made it to the head hunters and erased them, and 3 of the other mor deythan made it to the auto cannon team erased most of them and took out the navigator. The combi melta rhino melted the attack bike on a snap shot after the bike failed to kill the rhino. In the bottom left hand corner, the alpha tacs took up position in a building, but we largely cut down with bolter fire and broke. The 20 man tac squad took the building roof. The breachers tried to push them off the position, but the fearlees 20 man tac squad Fury of the legioned them. Turn two the cestus deepstruck in and dropped a bunch of template weapons on the breacher squad. The breacher squad failed a long charge which resulted in the termi squad getting the charge. To add insult to injury the praetor died to a combi melta attack right before the combat. I ended up with Max point and it was a massacre.

Other than being seized on everything went according to plan. Kill the hvy weapons with mor deythan. Bait with the fearless mob of tacs and finish off the dangerous hth units with the termies. The MVPs were the big tac squad. All the cards that were important were in that corner and they pushed back a tac squad and held off a big breacher squad with a praetor and medic until the termies arrived. Lucas was a great opponent, he kept on the pressure all games. In the end my list won because of maneuverability and the ability to react. He invested heavily in static shooting, which let me have locational superior fire power


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