Monday, April 20, 2015

Raven Guard 30K - Mor Deythan

The sneakiest of the sneaky. Mor Deythan are infiltrator vets that have Corax's abilty to "wraith-slip" avoiding light and walking in the shadows, even in direct line of sight.

On the table they start off at the same price as recon marines but are cheaper, better and come standard with shroud bombs, implacable advance, stealth, scout, BP/CCW, and Fatal Strike.

Fatal Strike is what makes them one of the best units in the game. Once per game, the unit gets twin-linked and rending. With sniper rifles they rend on a 5+.

What makes this rule especially nasty is that the entire squad can take combi-weapons. This opens up all sorts of nasty combos:

  • Shot guns: This is the economy option for mor deythan. 2 shots and being an assault weapon lets to shoot twice and charge. My take on it, is that I would rather pay a couple more points and try to get more rends. 
  • Sniper rifle: Awesomely fluffy, but again I see this option as being less effective than weapons with more shots. That said, these guys are some of the best snipers out there, and they score and are hard to dig out of terrain. Solid unit just not optimal IMO. But in non deapitating strike lists it has a place.
  • Combi-Flamer: Now you are talking my language! These guys are amazing. Not only are flamers auto hitting, but they ignore cover, re roll to wound and rend on 6's. On a unit that can infiltrate and scout in a rhino! These guys are sooooo good. 
  • Combi-plama/melta: So on one hand these are amazing. You're BS 5 so you are hitting on twos and probably wounding on twos. But you can already do something similar with seekers or support tactical squads. However as a tank hunter these guys are rending so they good even against things with ceremite armor. In the end, I might sprinkle in some melta guns to give the squad an option of tank hunting and being dangerous after they do their rending gig, but in this case I would likely go for a true melta gun, not the combi. 
  • Combi-volkite charger: Again, these are really quite good, but why not just take plasma guns...
  • Combi-grenade launcher: So these can produce a devastating amount of hits in frag mode so are absolutely devastating like flamers can be, but at range. In addition, they can shoot krak which might occasionally be of use. 
Let me take a moment to impress how good these guys are.... IMHO.


No seriously, when combined with Maun and Decapitating Strike, they will gut or wipe out a squad of your choice turn one. I never take less than 2 squads, which is why elites are always cramped in RG lists. 

An interesting issue with Mor Deythan is deployment. You see a lot of people run them with storm eagles or dark wings. This option is really strong as it lets you crack transports before you come in. The down side is that the birds are really expensive and run the risk of being shot down. On a special note, if you buy them as a squad upgrade they also score which is something that is often overlooked. 

On foot is fine for snipers, but usually you want some mobility. Land raiders can either scout OR are an assault vehicle, because they aren't bought as a squad upgrade. That said, Rhinos are bought as a squad upgrade, so they can infiltrate and scout in them, which gives them huge range. 

Finally, drop pods are solid for them, but you can't get drop pods for them through decapitating strike. You can however bring them in with maun in his drop pod, or purchase an anvilius. 

Units I use:

  • 5 Mor Deythan, 5 combi flamers, in a rhino. If I have extra points I put dozer blades on the rhinos. At 200 points it's a great plug and play unit in any list.
  • 6 mordeythan, 2 flamers, 4 shot guns. This is your budget squad.
  • 10 mordeythan, 7 combi flamers and 3 melta guns. This is good out of a storm eagle or dark wing. If you are going to spend all those points, you might as well max out the squad. 
  • 7 mor deythan: 5 flamers 2 meltas in a rhino with a combi melta. i like this squad a lot. It let's you alpha strike with melts first turn to take out mortis dreads and the like, but let's you save the rending flamer to later in the game. It's also let's you be dangerous from inside the protection of a tank. 
You guys use Mor Deythan in any other way?


jpwyrm said...

Nice review and analysis, thank you! I'm slowly building a Raven Guard army to use in 40K and 30K and your take on what's worth it or not will come in quite handy.

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Great advice. I'll get another squad and some magnets. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

6 Mor Deythan, 4 combi melta, 2 missile launcher with suspensor web in a Rhino. First turn to destroy a tank, later able to kill everything, against infantery frag missile as support for bolterfire and krak against harder targets.

Anonymous said...

How do you kill a tank with 2 missile launchers? Rather than just extra combi melta