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Raven Guard 30K - ROW: Liberation Force

First off, kudos Forge World for launching a ROW that starts melding armies in such a fluffy and awesome way. It's a personal annoyance to me that many tournaments don't allow allies.

More than most legions, the Raven Guard back story is based on humans and freedom from oppression. It's Corax's humanity that sets him apart from Primarchs like the Nighhaunter and some of the other Traitor Primarchs that also overturned the governments of their home worlds. It also adds an interesting guerrilla flavor to the RG tactical doctrine, which otherwise feels like black ops and assassins.

The Rules:


  • Once per game, every model gets the Zealot rule for the remainder of that game turn. 
  • Slay the warlord is worth D3 instead of 1, for RG
  • Allied Imperialis Militia and Warp Cults are Fearless within 6" of a Raven Guard Astartes


  • No Shattered Legions
  • No Fortifications
  • No Immobile or Slow and Purposeful Units
  • Loyalist only
I think most players, Raven Guard players included, largely wrote this off when it was released. I get it... It's a very different feel and requires you to collect a whole new army. Then again, I have 250 IG infantry and about 50 tanks painted. So giddy up suckers!!!

First off, the Zealot rules confers fearless. So for one turn, your entire army is fearless until that game turn. One important thing to note about the wording, is that if you went first you get basically 2 turns of fearless instead of only one. So Maun, might be a nice warlord to get the re-roll on Seize the Initiative. 

Another thing to notice is the bonus for slay the warlord. It comes with no downside. The possibility of 2 extra VPs is a really big deal. Especially since you will likely be picking up a slay the warlord point and maybe a unit kill VP. So killing a warlord could be worth 5VPs!!! That's an enormous opportunity. So building a list dedicated to HQ killing is a real opportunity here. It also means, you could potential take Nex and target the same HQ units bumping it up to 6 VPs. That's insane for a secondary objective. It honestly could be worth more than most primary objectives. 

Finally, the big rule. Allied Militia are fearless within 6" of a RG. When I first saw this rule, I was crazy excited. But with with Militia being an allied force and the limitation of no immobile units it largely cut down the units I wanted to field.

That said, initial disappointment aside, there are plenty of other options that become nasty when you add the fearless rule. Also, remember this is a allied detachment so you are working with a minimum of 1 HQ and 1 Troop and the option for another Troop, Fast, Elite and Heavy.

Units & Combos:

Provenances of War

One tough choice with this list is whether to invest in Leadership. Fearless in awesome, but it's a house of cards if your Raven Guard "handlers" die. Another tough choice is how you use your troops? Are they offensive? Shooty? Defensive? Depending on what you choose, a provenance might help, but in an allied detachment the cost per model runs really high. 
  • Warrior Elite: +1 Ld. 
  • Gene-crafted: +1 Str & +1 Initiative. 
  • Cyber-augmetics: 6+i save. Or +1 to i save. -1 sweeping advance
  • Alchem-jackers: No negative modifier to Ld in assault phase. Additional option to add rage.
  • Survivors of the Dark Age: +1 to armor save. Guns can get +1 and get Rhinos and Landraiders
  • Feral Warriors: +1 WS. Ogryns +1 Attack. Optional +1 attack for other units. 
  • Abhuman Helots: +1 Toughness & -1 Initiative. Option Discipline collars (stubborn)

  • Force Commander: This is usually your go to HQ for militia because of the awesome planetary overlord, which you can't use because he's not your warlord. He is still a fairly good choice because he unlocks the provenances special rule. That said, it's an allied detachment so the provenance rules are "more expensive" due to it being a smaller force. Beyond these rules, the choice basically sucks, with no redeeming qualities. He is a IC though, so you can hide him in a blob.
  •  Discipline Master Cadre: Can't be taken as due to Support officer rule.
  • Rogue Psykers: Can't be taken due to it being a second HQ option.
  • Platoon Command Squads: Super cheap. Super vulnerable. Not very useful. But covers your HQ requirement and gives you some LD boosts. Also gives you a vox. Lackluster but it's the low cost option if you aren't taking a provenance. Seems like a vulnerable KP though. 
  • Infantry Squads: Ok. 50 pts for 20 wounds, plus they come with 2 ccws and a auxilla rifle. They kinda have crap options. Although krak grenades are solid in bulk. Can Grab a Gorgon.
  • Inducted Levy Squads: These guys are GREAT! 100 pts for 50 guys. They can swap out guns for 2 ccws. Discipline collars are solid and cheap, although it's an odd rule for a liberation force! they can also get frags for supper cheap. Best of all they score, but don't give up VPs or first blood when killed! These guys are INSANELY GOOD, even if you can't take tainted flesh.
  • Grenadier Squad: These are ok. You can take them with survivors of the Dark age as "cheap" Marines. But it's an expensive buy in. But two assault weapons shooting out a rhino is an ok unit. Another cool feature is that you can take an arvus lighter, which is actually a cool little flier. It's a damn shame the grenade launchers don't have a haywire option. Would have made this army A LOT better. 
  • Fire Support Squads: Really good! That said you can only take one since it's a support squad. That said, these guys are a solid choice choice for 10 hvy weapons for 250 to 300 pts. Hvy flamers are an interesting option out of a gorgon. 
  • Recon Squad: Another support troop, but it's fluffy and a cheap way to get a demo charge. These guy are obviously being pushed as snipers, but I'm not really sold on sniper rifles in general. 
  • Gorgon Transport: Another missed opportunity. It's stupid that they took away open-topped. It was a great supper heavy for IG before then. Now it's just odd. That said, infiltrating land raiders and a couple gorgons is a lot of AV 14 to crack. It's actually one of the more competitive builds. 
  • Imperial Meidcae: Meh. I mean who are you trying to keep alive? Plus you are putting more KPs on the board. 
  • Ogryn: Actually can be pretty good. They can have a TON of T5 wounds and a TON of attacks. Power axes gets them to S6 which goes well with a forge lord with Rad grenades. Or mauls can get them up into tank hunting range. Plus a Gorgon actually gets them across the board. Expensive but viable
  • Enginseer Auxilia: Enginseers are a solid unit. You can spam graviton gns, You can also make very shooty squad like 12 phased plasma-fusils or Multi-meltas. They can also fix hull points which is great for certain lists. Interesting way to heal typhons and the like.
  • Arvus Lighter: A solid cheap flier. These can even take a heavy weapon! Really they are good for dropping in a Auxilia unit or troop unit on an objective.
  • Sentinel Scout Squadron: Another good unit to add guns to the list. 
  • Auxilla Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter: These are very good. It's an interesting way to get a good flier into a list. 
  • Rapier Battery: Yet another missed opportunity by FW. Why these are heavy support in codex with like 10 Hvy choices is ludicrous. That said, they are a totally good unit, and a unit that gets a big bump from being Fearless. 
  • Malcador: Another very strong unit. It's very resilient and holds a lot fire power. 
  • Battle Tank Squadron: An interesting way to get a bunch of fire power into a Raven Guard list, not to mentions a ton of AV14. 
  • Heavy Ordnance Battery: Yet another way to get a huge amount of fire power into a Raven Guard list.
  • Baneblade: A classic staple of militia in the fluff. A decent unit but not really the best of the chassis types. Batte cannons are actaully much more useful those in 30K with all the mariens running around. 
  • Stormhammer: Yes. This thing is so cool. I love that we can field one of these! It's basically an army in itself. Plus... You can totally bubble wrap this guys in fearless little dudes.
List Building & Tactics:

So first off, the militia list is the best and worst codex Forge World has put out for 30K. It gives you HUGE amounts of options, many of them powerful. But in general, it's pretty poorly thought out and the units mostly have crap choices. More Grenades and special weapon options would have gone a LONG way. Plus, what happened to Orders? This codex would have been great! It's like they kept the current Astra Militarium costs and time warped back to the 3rd ed codex... Anyway, back on topic. 

In terms of the liberation force you are basically running one of 4 types of lists.
  1. Mass Infantry
  2. HQ hunting
  3. Mass Dakka 
  4. Tread Head
1. Mass Infantry:

From an infantry perspective, I think the obvious choice is the Levy squad for you compulsory troop. 100 pts for 50 fearless guys is really an amazing bargain. In general, I actually kinda like the auxilla rifle since it's a S3 18" assault weapon. Although, it's probably better to do CCW/pistol. The only other real option is maybe the infantry squad if you wanted the krack grenades.

As for your second troop option, I would also likely go with a Levy squad, but the Heavy support squad is an interesting option. 250 pts for 30 multilaser shots or 20 autocannon shots is really solid output for the points. 

Following the concept of mass bodies, you can also take Ogryns as an elite choice. They get expensive quick but you can't deny the staying power of 30 fearless T5 wounds with 60 S6 AP 2 attacks on the charge if you take Feral Warriors. At this point you might as well bump you 100 levies up to WS4 and 3 attacks base for the extra points. Sure they are S3 but you get 400 attacks on the charge... Quantity has a quality of it's own! 

So for a little of over 900 points you get:

Force Commander, Feral Warriors
2 X 50 Levy, auxilla pistols, blade and fury, discipline collars
10 Ogryn w. PWs of your choice

Which is 460 attacks, and 130 wounds. I might consider tossing the Ogryns in a Gorgon which brings you up to 1200 ish pts. Then you bubble wrap the Gorgon with fearless blobs. It adds something to Raven Gaurd armies that they don;t really have... a true anvil for an enemy to try to push off an objective.

That said, in most situations I think I would normally just take a force commander and 100 levies. It's hard to find a better value for 250 pts in any other codex, and in this list they are FEARLESS. Which is truly powerful. Honestly, this is probably the core to ROW in general. 

The other unit worth pointing out is the Rapier Batteries. A quad mortar is only 60 pts! So for 180 point, you add quite a lot of firepower and they are also fearless with a baby sitter. Not a bad spot to hide the force commander either. 

2. HQ Hunting: 

So I outlined how this list has the chance as a 6 VP secondary objective. It's obviously hugely powerful and I don't think it really takes that much of an investment. Especially in units that you were probably going to take anyway. So there are options for HQ hunting on both the HTH and shooting side. I think with RG you are probably better off shooting an HQ to death, but really you need a lot of support units to pull this off. 

First off if you think about how people run HQs, they are usually one of a couple varieties:
  1. Nasty beat stick with a retnue in beefy transport or some sort of deepstike/flier delivery system. So to hunt this type of HQ, you need something that can rip open a spartan and is flexible enough to deal with a HQ that come in from reserves. Then you need to handle 2+ saves because they probably have a termi retnue. As for dealing with the HQ, RG basically don;t really have HTH units to stand up to the real beat sticks in the game. Termies or Dark Fury squads have a chance but I kinda feel that the units that take care of a termi retnue can also deal with most hth character or primarchs for that matter. So consider support squads with plasma or seekers with plasma in a drop pod.
  2. Min cost HQ hidden in a rear squad. This is what you usually find. Either your opponent is spending points else where or taking a special character for certain rules. In either case, they usually hit like a wet sock and are pretty wimpy. Units like Nex or unit is reserve that can cme after a unit deep in the corner later in the game when the rest of the army has moved away are great. A dark fury squad is a great option. So are units with precisions strike so combi plasma mor deythan or seekers are interesting options. 
  3. The praetor. Your standard HQ to unlock a ROW. He usually is body guarding a big squad in the middle of their army with a paragon blade. He tends to be pretty good in hth. If you can blast through the squad you can usually finish off the praetor out in the open. So think I find unit that can clear a squad are really helpful. The obvious choices are mor deytahn with flamers and / or a typhon. 
  4. The primarch. So usually you will need to shoot this guy dead. Corax can't reliably do it. Again, I think you are looking for units with mass AP2 shooting. 
So for you can add all these elements together to get something like this: 

2000 pts ish

Maun w. drop pod 
2 x 10 tacs with vox 
2 X 3 grav cannons
1 X 8 Mor Deythn w. combi flamers in rhinos
10 seekers w. combi plasma
death strike drop pod
force commander 
100 levy

At 2500 pts with a little jiggering you could add:

3 auxillary quad mortars

3. Mass Dakka:

So if you wanted too, you could field some list seriously heavy of fire power. Armies with 12 artillery tanks or 12 rapier artillery platforms, or 40 lascannons or you can pick up 30 multi laser shots or sentenals are a lso a very cheap weapon platform in fast attack. Another totally viable addition is the thunder bolt heavy flier.  Run it with 3 fire raptors and 3 lightings and a couple cheap scoring squads in arvus lighters and you have a really crazy airforce. The possibilities are truly staggering and in generall cheaper than what it costs to run a similar unit in a RG list. 

4. Tread Head:

Militia have soooooo man tank options and many of them come in squadrons. You could easily run 9 predators and 3 leman russes. Or consider AV 14 spam. A leman is only 46 pts per AV 14 HP which is pretty close to what a proteus costs you. 

So you could run something like this: 

2500 pts

3 x 10 tacs
3 x proteus landraiders
3 leman russes
force commander
100 levy 

The damn list has 130 wounds and 31 AV 14 HPs!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Raven Guard 30K - Rites of War: Drop Assault Vanguard vs. Angles of Wrath


When I started a Raven Guard army, one of the concepts I wanted to field was army of jump packers, preferably prickling with lightning talons. While fluffy and fun, the price of the standard assault marine makes this sort of list uncompetitive. However, with new pricing, we have a rebirth of both of these ROWs. They are completely competitive now.

Behold the Angel's Wrath and Assault Vanguard Rites of War.

Angel's Wrath ROW

  • Jump Infantry get Hit & Run
  • Units that can take a Rhino can take a Storm Eagle Gunship
  • Only jump infantry, skimmers, jet bikes and units in skimmers and flyers
  • No tanks
  • No Fortifications or Allied Detachment

Drop Assault Vanguard ROW


  • Legion Assault Squads Deepstrike in First turn. Half the squads must deploy this way.
  • Enemy model's within 12" of a legion assault squad may only snap shot.
  • Assault squads gain the hit & run rule. 
  • Compulsory Troops must be Legion Assault Squads
  • Only Deepstriking units or units embarked on flyers
  • No immobile units
  • No Fortification or Allied Detachment
The Angel's of Wrath and Assault Vanguard ROWs are very similar is that they offer hit & run and basically restrict units to fliers and deepstrikers. However, under closer inspection they are really quite different.

  • Angel's Wrath gives hit and run to all jump infantry, but the Drop Assault ROW only gives the Legion Assault Squads hit & run. While a small distinction is most legions, in a Raven Guard force it means the Dark Fury squads don't get Hit & Run. 
  • Angel's Wrath Also opens up Storm Eagles as a transport allowing you to take basically any infantry unit in the list. Again a huge nod to Raven guard for units like Mor Deythan. In actuality, you don't even need to take Assault Squads, allowing for pure air cav.
  • Assault Vanguard is is very restrictive, in that you must take Assault Squads as troops.
  • Assault Vanguard gets some very cool rules like turn one deepstrike and the snap shot rule, which basically means they can be targeted by interceptor or by template weapons. 

While the assault Vanguard rules are very cool, they are some what situation. For one, it's very difficult to get any sort of deepstrike scatter reduction. The best I have come up with is a forge lord with  vox on a jetbike in a squad with a vigilator with a jump pack. This scouts a unit up before the game and gives an area of scatterless deepstrike near the enemy. 

Another issue is the 12" range snap shot rule. Any army can bubble wrap for push back and blow you off the board still. Finally, no hit & run for Dark Fury or destroyers just kills the image I have in my head or lightning claw jet packers hit & running all over the board. 

It was soooo close, but it's just not that good for RG. Angel's Wrath is plain better. 

Interestingly, so is the Recon Company ROW

Comment if you disagree or think I have missed something.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Raven Guard 30K - Rites of War: Decapitating Strike

Raven Guard combat doctrine is based on infiltration, ambush and assassination not attrition or frontal assault. The Raven Guard were often deployed to "Cut the head off the snake" to bring enemies to their knees. To represent this combat tactics the Raven Guard have the unique Rite of War: Decapitating Strike.

The Rules:

  • Gain Preferred Enemy (Indpendant Characters)
  • May re-Roll dice for who goes first/deploys first
  • Tacs, Vets, Support, Seekers and Heavy Support get drop pods
  • Deathstorm Drop Pods can be taken as Elites instead of Heavy

  • 1 Heavy Support Max
  • 1 Consul Max
  • No Fortifications
  • No Space Marine Allies
At first glance, what you get is pods and the good chance to go first in exchange of some force org chart limitations. Now add in Alvarex Maun, who gets re rolls to seize the initiative and re-roll reserve rolls. Now you have an ROW that goes first 87% of the time and can bring in reserves (i.e. pods) reliably as well. So with this ROW you can build efficient first turn alpha strike lists.

Solid Turn 1 alpha-strike units include:
  • Mor Deytahn w. Flamers in Rhinos
  • Rapier Artillery (I like grav cannons for Spartan Hunting)
  • Heavy Weapon Squads (I like lascannons)
  • Support squads (plasma guns have the range for infiltration)
  • Predator squadrons
  • Artillery Tanks
  • Super Heavies (I like Typhon Siege Tanks)
  • Castellax
The Decapitating Strike Rite of War also gives Raven Guard access to drop pods. Most legions would turn traitor for drop pod access. We get it in spades.

IMPORTANT: Most people overlook the fact that you can re-roll the dice for first turn, even if you won. With an all or mostly drop pod mounted force, you would normally prefer to null deploy and go second. Go ahead and re-roll that die. #petehappens 

Good units for Drop pods:
  • Mor Deythan. What?! Yeah, they can't get them. It sucks... That said, Maun has a private garage of vehicles and you can put a Mor Deythan unit in that pod. Although, you will likely be deploying him on the ground for his no scatter rule. 
  • Seekers (I like rapid firing the blast templates)
  • Support Squads (insert preferred special weapon)
  • Tacs (I use them to change the timing on my other pods) 

What is especially nice though, is that you don't have to take pods for everyone, like in the Orbital Strike ROW. And you shouldn't, especially now that you can't camp out in your drop pods and shoot out of them anymore. Often you will find that infiltrating rhinos are a better choice, so pick your pod usage appropriately based on unit timing. 

Finally, pods are great but a list with a combination of alpha-strike and reserves is just as viable.

Good units for reserves:
  • Fire Raptors
  • Lightings w. Kraken Missiles
  • Termies with combis or Mor Deythan in Cestus, Dark Wing or Storm Eagle
  • Contemptors in Avillus Drop pod
  • Long Range Javelins
  • Deepstike speeders with grav or melta
A quick note on Deathstorm Drop pods. When they land the weapons shoot multiple times, each. They are OK, not amazing. That said, leadership check taken first turn when units are near their board edge can be game winning. Add a librarian for additional tests and a minus to leadership. 

Advanced Tactics:

Decapitating strike is all about controlling timing, which is what makes it powerful. 

To take advantage of this, you should be deciding if you want to go first or second WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR LIST.

IF you are building a list to go second, you will probably be fielding some support units on the ground. Maun comes to mind. He not only helps you land reserves where you want them, but he gives you re-roll on reserves. Note: This is on FAILED reserve rolls. So no re-rolling successful reserves unfortunately. A damoclese rhino might work as well. 

IF you are building a list to go first, the ROW + Maun gives you a very good chance at pulling off a 1st turn alpha strike. Raven Guard have the right units to do A LOT of damage quickly. Thus you are basically playing with more point than your opponent and eliminating threats of your choice. Plus with infiltrate, you deploy after your opponent, so you have a huge opportunity to set up locational firepower superiority. 

A strong alpha-strike acts as a force multiplier for unit coming in from reserves. Alpha-strike anti-air and rule the skies. Alpha-strike a spartan, drop pod in some support tacs with plasma to kill the termies. Alpha-strike big blobs and clean up with Mor Deythan, 

Thoughts? Other tactics?  

Raven Guard 30K - Rite of War: Legion Recon Company

Horus Heresy - Retribution came with a host of new Rites of War, including the Legion Recon Company. Over the years, GW/FW has delivered all sorts of Raven Guard lite rules for other legions, which often lets other legions behave or out perform pure Raven Guard lists, while not making Raven Guard lists any better...

The ROW: Legion Recon Company, kinda falls in that category at first glance, but on deeper inspection, it looks like Raven Guard actually get some interesting Bonuses.

The Rules:


  • Legion Recon Squads can be taken as compulsory troops. 
  • Anything deployed with scout or infiltrate get shrouding first turn.
  • Can re-roll first turn, sides and / or seize the initiative rolls
  • Heavy Support starts in reserves
  • Must take a 3rd compulsory troop, which must be a Legion Recon Squad
  • No termies allowed
First off let's talk about the wording. It's written a little bizarrely, but basically you can take 2 troop choices that do not have the "support" designation. So that can be recons, breachers, assault marines, or tacs. THEN you have to take a 3rd troop choice that must be a recon squad.

Anyway, what you get with the Legion Recon Company is a great first turn alpha strike formation that basically charges you a the cost of a recon squad as a tax in exchange for shrouding on your whole army first turn. 

But is that good? Well you kinda have to compare it to Decapitating Strike as it does many of the same things for Raven Guard. 

Luckily, I wrote a review of Decapitating Strike

The Similarities
  • They both give you re-rolls for first turn and deployment. 
  • They both restrict Heavy Support. 
The Differences
  • Recon gives you re rolls on Seize the initiative. That said, you could always take Maun for this and probably did. So really what recon does is free up that Master of the Legion slot for a praetor.
  • Recon doesn't actually restrict how man heavies you take, it just forces them to start in reserves. So if you are planning on taking heavies that start in reserves (like say 3 fire raptors) you basically don't care. This actually opens up some interesting hvy options (like leviathans in drop pods)
  • The tax. A 3rd troop always seems painful... but recon squads are cheap and  they are the cheapest way to buy 5 melta bombs in the codex. Not bad for 150 pts ;) 

Interestingly, the subtle difference between the formations opens up a bunch of units that normally wouldn't be valued as highly when using the Decapitating Strike ROW. For example, units with scout get shrouding first turn. This makes all sorts of new units playable.

Newly Viable Units & maximizing shrouding:
  • Consuls: Unlike Decapitating Strike, there is no restriction to consuls. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, it does open the camoeline wargear to more units. Cameoline give stealth to the Independant Character AND his unit. Seriously though... A consul with a cloak is 5 pts more than upgrading a 10 man squad to all have cameoline!
  • Vigilators: Give scout to units. AWESOME! But now, units with Scout get shrouding first turn. DOUBLE AWESOME!! Vigliators can also take jump packs. What? Yeah, it's often overlooked. So consider the potential of running Dark Fury Squads (which now all come with Raven Talon's for free) with Vigilators. TRIPLE AWESOME!!! Also works with your basic assault marines with melta bombs or your jump pack Destroyers. But wait! There's more. What about running them with attack bikes or jetbikes? Now add Jink ;) ALL THE AWESOME!!!!
  • Outriders: Outriders some with scout. So they inherently pick up shrouding first turn, which is cool because they can jink as well. Plus, with furious charge and power axes they are Strength 6, which is especially interesting when you toss a Forgelord into the squad with rad grenades. So now you are oblitting multi wound T4 units. They are also a solid melta bomb delivery unit. 
  • Land Raider Proteus: With an exploratory augury web, the damned thing scouts. So it get shrouding! Yay! I'm not sure what you really put in it though. Destroyers? Seekers? Support Squads? If if your Moritat is a pimp. Just himself with a private Chauffeur ;) 
  • Dozer Blades: Often overlooked but in this list it seems a good upgrade. Keeping Rhinos is cover so they get a 2+ cover save? That's huge. Consider what that means for your Mor Deythan with combi-flamers. Personally, I think this combo is so good you should largely run the Recon ROW as a rhino rush, but that's just me. 
  • Super Heavies: Wait what? Yup. Super heavies start on the board. Didn't you know every Recon company brought Typhon Seige Tanks with them where ever they went? No. It's true. Look it up ;)
Some rough lists: 

2000 pts Recon ROW - Super Heavy
Maun w. camo
Vigilator, Jump Pack, Power Axe
3 x recon with melta bombs & shot guns
2 X 5 Mor deythan, 5 combi flamers, rhino, dozer blades
2 X 3 grav cannon rapiers
10 Dark fury 
1 typhon

2000 pts Recon ROW - Flier Heavy
Maun w. camo
3 x recon with melta bombs & shot guns
2 X 5 Mor deythan, 5 combi flamers, rhino, dozer blades
2 X 2 grav cannon rapiers
3 fire raptors with ACs

1850 pts - Assault list 
Praetor w. jetbike  goodies
Forgelord w. jetbike, rad + goodies
10 Outriders w. MBs, 4 p axes
Jump Pack Vigilator, goodies
10 Dark Fury squad
Chaplain, goodies
20 tacs with extra CCWs and tooled up Sgt
2 X 5 recons w. melta bombs