Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Raven Guard 30K - Rite of War: Legion Recon Company

Horus Heresy - Retribution came with a host of new Rites of War, including the Legion Recon Company. Over the years, GW/FW has delivered all sorts of Raven Guard lite rules for other legions, which often lets other legions behave or out perform pure Raven Guard lists, while not making Raven Guard lists any better...

The ROW: Legion Recon Company, kinda falls in that category at first glance, but on deeper inspection, it looks like Raven Guard actually get some interesting Bonuses.

The Rules:


  • Legion Recon Squads can be taken as compulsory troops. 
  • Anything deployed with scout or infiltrate get shrouding first turn.
  • Can re-roll first turn, sides and / or seize the initiative rolls
  • Heavy Support starts in reserves
  • Must take a 3rd compulsory troop, which must be a Legion Recon Squad
  • No termies allowed
First off let's talk about the wording. It's written a little bizarrely, but basically you can take 2 troop choices that do not have the "support" designation. So that can be recons, breachers, assault marines, or tacs. THEN you have to take a 3rd troop choice that must be a recon squad.

Anyway, what you get with the Legion Recon Company is a great first turn alpha strike formation that basically charges you a the cost of a recon squad as a tax in exchange for shrouding on your whole army first turn. 

But is that good? Well you kinda have to compare it to Decapitating Strike as it does many of the same things for Raven Guard. 

Luckily, I wrote a review of Decapitating Strike

The Similarities
  • They both give you re-rolls for first turn and deployment. 
  • They both restrict Heavy Support. 
The Differences
  • Recon gives you re rolls on Seize the initiative. That said, you could always take Maun for this and probably did. So really what recon does is free up that Master of the Legion slot for a praetor.
  • Recon doesn't actually restrict how man heavies you take, it just forces them to start in reserves. So if you are planning on taking heavies that start in reserves (like say 3 fire raptors) you basically don't care. This actually opens up some interesting hvy options (like leviathans in drop pods)
  • The tax. A 3rd troop always seems painful... but recon squads are cheap and  they are the cheapest way to buy 5 melta bombs in the codex. Not bad for 150 pts ;) 

Interestingly, the subtle difference between the formations opens up a bunch of units that normally wouldn't be valued as highly when using the Decapitating Strike ROW. For example, units with scout get shrouding first turn. This makes all sorts of new units playable.

Newly Viable Units & maximizing shrouding:
  • Consuls: Unlike Decapitating Strike, there is no restriction to consuls. While this doesn't seem like a big deal, it does open the camoeline wargear to more units. Cameoline give stealth to the Independant Character AND his unit. Seriously though... A consul with a cloak is 5 pts more than upgrading a 10 man squad to all have cameoline!
  • Vigilators: Give scout to units. AWESOME! But now, units with Scout get shrouding first turn. DOUBLE AWESOME!! Vigliators can also take jump packs. What? Yeah, it's often overlooked. So consider the potential of running Dark Fury Squads (which now all come with Raven Talon's for free) with Vigilators. TRIPLE AWESOME!!! Also works with your basic assault marines with melta bombs or your jump pack Destroyers. But wait! There's more. What about running them with attack bikes or jetbikes? Now add Jink ;) ALL THE AWESOME!!!!
  • Outriders: Outriders some with scout. So they inherently pick up shrouding first turn, which is cool because they can jink as well. Plus, with furious charge and power axes they are Strength 6, which is especially interesting when you toss a Forgelord into the squad with rad grenades. So now you are oblitting multi wound T4 units. They are also a solid melta bomb delivery unit. 
  • Land Raider Proteus: With an exploratory augury web, the damned thing scouts. So it get shrouding! Yay! I'm not sure what you really put in it though. Destroyers? Seekers? Support Squads? If if your Moritat is a pimp. Just himself with a private Chauffeur ;) 
  • Dozer Blades: Often overlooked but in this list it seems a good upgrade. Keeping Rhinos is cover so they get a 2+ cover save? That's huge. Consider what that means for your Mor Deythan with combi-flamers. Personally, I think this combo is so good you should largely run the Recon ROW as a rhino rush, but that's just me. 
  • Super Heavies: Wait what? Yup. Super heavies start on the board. Didn't you know every Recon company brought Typhon Seige Tanks with them where ever they went? No. It's true. Look it up ;)
Some rough lists: 

2000 pts Recon ROW - Super Heavy
Maun w. camo
Vigilator, Jump Pack, Power Axe
3 x recon with melta bombs & shot guns
2 X 5 Mor deythan, 5 combi flamers, rhino, dozer blades
2 X 3 grav cannon rapiers
10 Dark fury 
1 typhon

2000 pts Recon ROW - Flier Heavy
Maun w. camo
3 x recon with melta bombs & shot guns
2 X 5 Mor deythan, 5 combi flamers, rhino, dozer blades
2 X 2 grav cannon rapiers
3 fire raptors with ACs

1850 pts - Assault list 
Praetor w. jetbike  goodies
Forgelord w. jetbike, rad + goodies
10 Outriders w. MBs, 4 p axes
Jump Pack Vigilator, goodies
10 Dark Fury squad
Chaplain, goodies
20 tacs with extra CCWs and tooled up Sgt
2 X 5 recons w. melta bombs 


Unknown said...

Pretty sure it says they ARE compulsory, not can be taken as such, so you need 3 units of 30-point marines.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


In your section about Vigilators you say...

"But wait! There's more. What about running them with attack bikes or jetbikes?"

You can't do that, because Vigilators can't take a jetbike - or have I missed something?

Anonymous said...

Nope Unknown. Its pretty clear that only the third compulsory choice has to be a recon squad. The other two can be the normal choices or more recon squads.

Sircyn said...

@Neil: The vigilator could take a jump pack and cameleoline and keep up with the bikes. As long as he is in coherency it's all good.

deFl0 said...

Yup. You take the jump pack with the Vigilator and attach them to the bikes.

War Corgi said...

Only drawback to the vigilator with jump pack is he cannot take camoleIne. Still great to gain shrouded that first turn though.

deFl0 said...

He doesn't need to take cameleoline as he already has it and it applies to the squad ;)