Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adepticon 2016: 30K Armies

Another awesome year at Adepticon! This is my second year of playing 30K. Last year, I played the tournament and had a great time and managed to go undefeated. This year I did the narrative and the tourney and I had a blast!

30K is exploding and it's the most fun I've had playing GW games in a long time. Here are some pictures of the amazing armies in the 30K events! Get inspired ;)


Friday said...

A great opponent! Pete's Raven Guard surprised my World Eaters at Adepticon during the Narrative campaign that day!

Boom said...

Loads of great looking armies. Thanks for all the great pics.

One question: Several of these Legion lists seem to take a sole Knight. How does that fit in the Force Org? I don't think Knights are LoW choices for Legion armies, or that they can be taken as allies with less than two knights (1 HQ Knight, 1 troop Knight).

Have I missed something? I'd love to field a Knight with my RG.

Unknown said...

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