Monday, June 27, 2016

Battle for Terra: The Emperor State: Raven Guard vs. Word Bearers: 1000pts

This summer, The NYC Warmonger's Club is running an 30K summer campaign. Awesome rules can be found here.

My first game in the campaign was for the Central Park Zoo. Raven Guard vs. Word Bearers: 1000pts, combatant force org chart on a 4X4 table.

The mission was Dominion:

  • 1 VP for each terrain piece
  • D3 for slay the warlord

  • D3 for most units left at the end of the game 

Name: Central Park (The Zoo of Xenos Megafuana)

When the Imperium of Man took to the starts, they returned with strange, deadly and beautiful Xenos species from around the galaxy. The largest and most deadly of these were collected in the Central park zoo. The Zoo was largely expanded in the 20,000's and Refractor fields were added to keep the warp pumas from eating the public. 

Strategic Value: 1 (3 points if your faction holds al central park territories)

Special Rules: 

Big Game- 

The labyrinth levels, ponds, trees and rocks provide natural terrain for Mega Predators to stalk both traitors and loyalists alike. 

Raven Guard: Decapitating Strike: 1000 pts
  • Alvarex Maun, Camo
  • Chaplain, power axes, boarding shield, camo, melta bombs
  • 6 Mor Deytan w. combi flamers in a rhino
  • 17 tacs w. extra CCWS, SGT w. Power Axe and Melta bomb
  • 3 grav cannon rapier

Word Bearers: 1000 pts
  • Zandu Layak
  • Chaplain, apistelary, jump pack
  • 20 tactical marines
  • 5 ashen circle
  • 5 Gal Vorbak

  • So first off, all the terrain pieces were objectives and they were all dangerous terrain, which is just an awesome set up for the a mission in the central park zoo. 
  • Word Bearers deploy first and get first turn. George deploys Zandu centrally in tactical squad.
  • Raven Guard Deploy the the Mor Deythan 18" away, targetting the Word bearer HQ and Tac Squad. I deploy the Chaplain and Tactical Squad centrally to so as to be reactive to deep striking Gal Vorbak and Ashen Circle. Grav Rapiers are deployed on top of building for good line of site to the table. 
  • Raven Guard fail to seize the Initiative, but I decide to scout the rhino forward toward the Word Bearer Tactical squad as a bait unit. 

Turn 1: Word Bearers
  •  Word Bearers tactically move their tac squad away from the Mor Deythan. 

Turn 1: Raven Guard

  • Raven Guard Tactical squad moves forward and spread out to reduce flamer hit if the ashen circle get brazen, and to be relevant if the Mor Deythan need to be supported. 
  • Mor Deythan move forward, and flame the Word Bearer Tactical squad. The Mor Deythan can an obscene 40 wounds, 10 of which are rending. When the smoke clear on 2 Word Bearers are dead. Apparently, Word Bearer Apothecaries know a little something about burn wounds...

Turn 2: Word Bearers

  • Gal Vorbak with Chaplain deepstrike in, as do the Ashen Circle. 
  • Zardu summons a unit of plague drones. 
  • The Tac Squad, renewed in their vigor from basically being immune to fire, charge the Mor Deythan and wiping them to the man. 

Turn 2: Raven Guard
  • The Word Bearer roll a 1 for their sweeping advance thus stay in range of a long charge from the Raven Guard Tactical squad. 
  • I move the Rhino away, keeping an eye on the Attrition Secondary objective. 
  • The Grav Rapiers blast a Big hole in the Ashen Circle squad and make sure they will be taking dangerous terrain checks if they move. 
  • The Chaplain and Raven Guard Tactical squad makes their 9" charge (didn't even need fleet!) and destroys Zardu and the Tactical squad (Die Traitorous Scum!). They sweeping advance away from the Gal Vorbak into cover. 
    • NOTE: We failed to realized Zardu made his unit fearless. That said, they were pretty much wiped to the man. 

Turn 3: Word Bearers

  • Gal Vorbak move towards the Tactical Squad, but fail to make a long charge into cover. 
  • The Plague Drones charge into cover looking to lock up the tactical squad, making sure they can't run away from the Gal Vorbak.

Turn 3: Raven Guard

  • The Raven Guard Tactical Marines, JUST BARELY, grind through the plague drones, which actually turns out to be really important. 
  • The Grav Rapiers finish off the ashen circle, which is important as they were a scoring unit. Word Bearers are now playing for the tie. 

Turn 4: Word Bearers Concede

  • The Gal Vorbak slam into the Raven Guard tac Squad after losing a couple wounds to overwatch. The Tactical Squad, Chaplain and Alvarex Maun are too much to handle for the Gal Vorbak, the daemons possessing the Word Bearers, fade into the warp with their fellow Word Bearer Souls. 

This game came down to a single 9" charge from the Tactical Squad. They handily chewed through 18 marines, an apothecary, Zardu, a chaplain and 5 Gal Vorbak. Zealot was the major rule coming into play. With the charge and being charged by the plague drones and the Gal Vorbak, the Chaplain let his squad re roll attacks 3 times! The other big piece of wargear was the Boarding Shield on the Chaplain. I know never leave home without it. Removing the extra attacks, on the charge, from both the Gal Vorbak and Plague Drone made a big difference to the squads 

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