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Battle for Terra: The Emperor State: Raven Guard vs. Word Bearers: 1000pts Rematch!

This summer, The NYC Warmonger's Club is running an 30K summer campaign. Awesome rules can be found here.

This game was a grudge match / rematch with the infamous George Money Tsemberlis vs. Pete Happens de Florio.

Raven Guard vs. Word Bearers: 1000pts, combatant force org chart on a 4X4 table. Word Bearer's desperately want to win this game, as a victory game them +1 psyker level and stopped the loyalists from holding all of central park, which had additional strategic value when you held all of it.

The mission was Onslaught:
  • 1 VP for each unit killed first Turn
  • 5 VPs for an objective held in your opponent's deployment zone
  • 1 VP for warlord
  • 1 VP for more surviving units

Name:​ Central Park (Cleopatra’s Needle)

 This Egyptian Obelisk brims with sorcerous magic and psychic mystery. The Imperium uses

 Cleopatra’s Needle to triangulate coordinates across the solar system.

 Strategic Value: ​1 (3 points if your faction holds all central park territories)

 Special Rules:

 Strawberry Fields... OF SLAUGHTER ­ 

The power of the obelisk accelerates the physics in the surrounding area. Matter reacts explosively when slammed together and animals are filled with

  • All units get 1 hammer of wrath hits on the charge at a models unmodified strength.
  • Models that already get hammer of wrath hits, get an additional hit.

Faction Boons:

 Arcane Hieroglyphs ­ 

 One character in your army may be upgraded to a level 1 psyker free of
charge OR add 1 to an existing psyker's mastery level.

Word Bearers: 1000pts
  • Terminator Delgatus
  • Terminator Chaplain
  • 6 gal vorbak
  • 10 man vet squad with sniper and missile launchers
  • 10 man vet squad in a rhino with furious charge and melta bombs

Raven Guard: Decapitating Strike: 1000 pts
  • Alvarex Maun, Camo
  • Chaplain, power axes, boarding shield, camo, melta bombs
  • 6 Mor Deytan w. combi flamers in a rhino
  • 17 tacs w. extra CCWS, SGT w. Power Axe and Melta bomb
  • 3 grav cannon rapier


  • Word Bearers place there objective in the north western building and Raven guard place there objective in the north eastern building. Raven Guard choose to set up and go first, but choose to infiltrate everything (obviously)...
  • Word bearers deploy the 2 vet squads near their objective. Characters and Gal Vorbak out flank, using special campaign rules.
  • Raven Guard infiltrate the 20 man tac squad. chaplain and maun centrally behind a building and Mor Deythan deploy in their rhino next to the tac squad. Mostly to not give up 1st turn VPs from the rhino. 
    • Tactically this allowed me to be reactive based on where the Gal Vorbak out flanked too. I could either play aggressively and push them off their objective or defensively and sit on mine. It also meant their scoring vet units would have to go through me to get to my objective.
  • Grav cannons deployed in the south western building. The idea was try to pick up a turn 1 VP from killing their rhino.

Turn 1: Word Bearers

  • Word Bearer rhino vets move toward grav cannons and shoot from the rhino, Killing none.

Turn 1: Raven Guard
  • I cautiously move the Mor Deythan rhino forward, but keep it outside of missile fire LOS. I want to be able to bum rush the vets camping on their objective. 
  • Garv cannons hit the Rhino 3 times! But only score 2 haywire wounds... boooo :(

Turn 2: Word Bearers
  • Gal Vorbak out flank to the south western building. Rhino Vets disembark and get ready to charge the grav cannons. 
  • Missile Vets move to get 2 shots at the rhino.
    • Shit! I forgot about suspensions webs...
    • But alas, the vets fail to crack the rhino.

Turn 2: Raven Guard
  • Gravs kill off the rhino, leaving the vets to hoof it for the rest of the game, which is important since they are far away fro objectives at this point. 
  • Mor Deythan, floor it to get into position to flame the missile vets.

Turn 3: Word Bearers
  • Instead of charging the rhino vets (which will no be called melta vets) run toward the Mor Deythan.
  • Gal Vorbak stomp the grav vets into the dust.
  • Vets shoot and eventually charge the Mor Deythan Rhino killing it. 
    • Mor Deythan pass their entanglement ld check but fail the pinning check. NOOOOOOOOO!

Turn 3: Raven Guard
  • The tac squad moves in and charges the missile vets, beating them in combat. The Word Bearers vets fail their Ld, but the Raven Guard can't catch them and the vets retreat and regroup.

Turn 4: Word Bearers

  •  Melta vets charge the Mor Deythan and the Mor Deythan fire their combi flamers.
    • Note: They can't make them rending and twin linked outside of the shooting phase. 
  • Melta vets win combat, but the Mor Deythan win the initiative test to run away.
    • But wait! Word Bearers get +1 to sweeping advance! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Turn 5: Raven Guard
  • The big Raven Guard tac squad charges the missile vets cowering in the corner and wipe them out and sweeping advance toward the corner.

Turn 6: Word Bearers
  • The melta vets charge the big Raven Guard tac squad and get mercilessly cut down in hth.
    • Note, this may have been a big tactical decision. To be discussed later
  • Gal Vorbak run toward their objective.

Turn 6: Raven Guard
  • The Raven Guard fade into the shadow of the building to hold the objective but make a long charge for Gal Vorbak. 

 Turn 7: Word Bearers

  • The Gal Vorbak yell charge in daemonic but to no avail... The charge is failed and Raven Guard wave their private parts at the Word Bearers Aunties. 

Conclusion: Raven Guard Win 6VPs to 0VPs

Out Flanking the Gal Vorbak turned out to be a huge risk in the end. Deep Striking them or deploying them and running them up the gut may have proved more prudent and reliable. The Grav cannons, while annoying most likely would have not caused huge damage, but they did they did a good job as a distraction.

The melta vets also had the option to run towards my objective instead, which would have tied the main objective but won on attrition. That said it would have been a very long shot to get that far with run and difficult terrain rolls.

If the tables were turned, I probably would have outflanked the rhino vets and left the gal vorbak on the objective.

That said, the word Bearers did a good job of avoiding the Raven Guard Alpha Strike and if they made the charge at the end of the game, it could have ended very differently.

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