Friday, June 17, 2016

Battle for Terra: The Emperor State - Ties!

Running a campaign is always an interesting exercise in trying to think of EVERY scenario. Our campaign relies on wins to hold objectives. Instead of throwing out battles fought to draw, we felt the pride of of the legion should come down to martial combat!

No Ties!

New Rule: Two men enter. One man leaves!

  • If a game ends in a tie, that tie will be broken by trial by combat. 
  • All armies need a Legion Champion (i.e. a legion centurion with the legion champion consul upgrade) with a maximum of 30 points of wargear (i.e. 115 pts in total). 

  • Wargear can be chosen from the legion centurion options, legion specific wargear or from relics won at the MET. (Note: if the relic is taken by the champion it cannot be fielded during the game).

  • Roll off. Winner places an objective anywhere on the board. Create a circle with a 13" radius around the objective with dice. This is your Thunderdome. Neither champion can leave the Thunderdome. 

  • Roll off loser, place their champion first anywhere base to base with the Thunderdome. Their opponent is placed base to base on the opposite side of the Thunderdome. 
  • Roll off for for first turn. 
  • Two men enter. One man leaves!

  • (note: should both Champions join each other in death at the same initiative step, both champions go back to one wound and another round of combat is fought.)

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