Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Battle for Terra: The Emperor State - NYC 30K Campaign: Phase 2

The battle rages on for the Battle for Terra: The Emperor State, a 30k summer campaign!

To see Phase I missions visit here.

The Warmongers NYC are currently battling over NYC in the grim dark year of 0014.M30.

Legion lists are currently at 1850 pts. Factions will capture and hold territories giving armies access to dark arsenals, relics, battle boons, prizes, bragging rights and much more!

Battles can be played anywhere you want and it's free to join. Our goal is to build a rabid 30K community of Legions!!!

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The Rules


Missions: Phase II


  • Nu Brand Gaming 
  • 194 31st Street
  • Brooklyn, NY

Just off the 36th street stop for the D,N or R train

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