Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Battle for Terra: The Emperor State: Raven Guard vs. Thousand Sons: 2000pts

This summer, The NYC Warmonger's Club is running an 30K summer campaign. Awesome rules can be found here.

In this game we fight for the Financial District.

Raven Guard vs. Thousand Sons: 2000 pts.

The mission was War of Lies:
  • 1 VP for each unit killed
  • X VPs for objectives
    • 1 - No VPs
    • 2,3 - 1 VP
    • 4 - 2 VPs
    • 5 - 3 VPs
    • 6 - Subtract D3 VPs
  • 1 VP for slay the warlord

Name: Financial District
Strategic Value: 2

Special Rules:  

Bull / Bear Market - 
At the beginning of every game turn roll a D6.
1-3 = Bear Market! Re Roll all 6's
4-6 = Bull Market! Re Roll all 1's

Raven Guard: Angel's Wrath: 2000 pts
  • Preator, paragon blade, jump pack, iron halo
  • Chaplain, power axes, boarding shield, camo, melta bombs
  • 20 Assault marines, melta bombs, 4 power axes, SGT w. artificer armor and power axe
  • 10 Assault marines 
  • 10 Dark Fury, Chooser with melta bombs
  • 10 Dark Fury, Chooser with melta bombs
  • 3 apothecaries w. jump packs
  • Fire Raptor w. reaper autocannons and hellstrike
  • I decided to try out a jump list, interpreting the Raven Guard rules that jumpers don't get infiltrate. I believe that RAW they do, but it was a friendly game so I wanted to try out the RIA interpretation and see how the army performed.
  • We also are not using the trial 40K FAQs, so melta bomb spams is a viable tank hunting option in this game. 

Thousand Sons: 2000 pts w. universal stubborn rule
  • Siege Breaker 
  • 10 vets in a rhino
  • 10 vets in a rhino
  • 5 plasma tacs
  • land Raider achilles
  • 2 rapier cannons with phosphex and shatte shells 
  • 10 heavy support with missile launchers w flak 
  • Lightning, kraken missiles, +1 armor and strafing run and tank hunter


We rolled search and destroy, which is basically corner deployment with a 18" diameter no deploy one in the middle of the table.
  • The objectives are a hell of a crap shoot in this mission. Thus we both deployed them centrally with the idea that we could grab them if we need them. 
  • Raven Guard deployed first. The board had a fair amount of terrain, I basically deployed as forward as possible with the praetor, chaplain, and an apothecary attached to the big assault squad. The other 2 Dark Fury squads deployed as far as forward as possible each with an apothecary. The fire Raptor and naked jump squad were kept in reserve. 
  •  Thousand Sons deployed there missile launchers in their back corner with the siege breaker. Achilles was deployed centrally with rhino / tac squad support, as were the rapiers. 

Turn 1: Raven Guard
  •  Turn one, I jumped forward. I wanted to see what sort of damage I would take jumping headlong through terrain. I took a bouple wounds but 3+ and a FNP save kept guys from dying. 
  • I also made the bone head decision to run everyone instead of just assaulting. For funsies with rolled it out and I would have made my charges and this game would have ended super quickly... but alas. I ran. 
  • One tactical decision I made was to put a Sgt in the front of the assault squad, the praetor dead middle. In the Dark Fury squads I also put the Sgts in the dead middle. The idea was if he targeted me with  the rapiers, he would go dead center and thus I could tank on the 2+ saves. As for the assault squad, I have to protect against the missile launcher frag grenades, achilles and rapiers. 

Turn 1: Thousand Sons

  • The Thousand Sons shuffled rhino around, but largely just shot the heavy support units into the assault marines with the achilles and the rapiers into the middle Dark Fury Squad. The assault squad took some damage put was able to tank a lot of damage with the 2+ artificer armor troopers. The Dark Furk on the other hand failed his armor save immediately and the phosphex templates killed out 6 guys. 
  • Plasma tacs pile out of the achilles and double tap into the assault marines, but cover and the apothecary help bounce most of the wounds. 

Turn 2: Raven Guard
  •  The naked assault marines deep struck in and almost off the table. I deployed them off to the side so I could protect the kill points and capture objectives if need be. 
  • The melta bomb assault marines multi charged the achilles, plasma tacs and a rhino, easily blowing up all of them.
  • The 2 Dark fury squads both charged the artillery and hid in the cathedral, out of LOS from the heavy support squad.  

Turn 2: Thousand Sons
  •  The thousand sons pile out of their rhino and double tap into the assault marines and the other tac squad fury of the legions into the assault marines killing yet another handful of assault marines. 

Turn 3: Raven Guard
  • Assault marines charged the Missile launcher devs and wiped them out to the man. 
  • The 4 man Dark Fury squad charged and wiped out the centrally deployed tac squad. 
  • The 10 man Dark Fury squad got 4 guys into base with the tac squad that double tapped the assault squad and wiped them to the man.
  • Sorry... I have to get better at taking endgame pictures! You can see me behind the baby titan that the only thing left is the burnt out shells of vehicles and Raven Guard jumpers...

With only a flier left the Thousand Sons forfeit the battle... 
And Violet Storm de Florio eats the corpses... #first30kbattle


Tactically speaking, we both made a ton of mistakes. I failed to realize I could charge first turn and my opponent probably should have deployed further back than he did. That said, it played exactly as if I had used infiltrate rules and charged on the second turn and he had pinned himself in a corner pushing me back 18". 

In general, the 20 man assault squad with melta bombs and power axes, a chaplain and apothecary were absolutely beastly. They sucked up massive fire power and were able to tie up units and pop tanks easily with the reroll to hit melta bombs. Even the Achilles was overkilled by twice it's hull points. I am still trying to decide if you should take combat shields on these guys. It's only 60 points for a 5+i save for the whole squad. I'm think of it as insurance on an investment I have already pumped a crap ton of points into... 

That said, this assault marine squad is truly difficult to completely kill off the table before it reaches it's target(s). And when it reaches it's target, it absolutely melts anything with an AV.  

I also found the Dark Fury are just murder against basic infantry. 4 Dark Fury easily rolled through 10 tacs and an artillery unit. It makes me re think maybe taking 5 man squads, although it seemed like they need the wounds to make it to hth. 

In general, I think the apothecaries all made their point back too and then some. I think they might be a mandatory tax for these heavy point point squads. 

I was also impressed with my opponent's phosphex rapiers. They threw out a crazy amount of wounds and really could have been much worse. 

My final comment, is that this Raven Guard list is interestingly deadly because it has nothing for tank hunting weapons to shoot. Sure they can pick off 30 pt Dark Fury jumpers, but at the end of the day, tank hunting weapons are expensive and inefficient against this list and took points aways from other infantry clearing options. 


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