Monday, January 30, 2017

Raven Guard 30K - The Falcons - Part 2

After the devastation of the Dropsite Massacre, Corax reorganized his fighting force of ~4000 into 3 divisions based on combat specialization.

  • The Talons: Tactical Companies
  • The Hawks: Light Vehicles & Air Support
  • The Falcons: Assault Companies 

For the Adepticon 2017, I will be building The Falcons.
Part 1


I recently wrote an blog post about Raven Guard and the Mark armor they would be wearing during the timeline of the Horus Heresy. Raven Guard 30K - Power Armor Marks

Without getting deep into it, the Falcons were formed after the Istvaan Dropsite massacre. So from an armor perspective, you would have a lot of mishmash MK V from the Istvaan Survivors plus whatever was available still at the Raven Spire. You would also have new batches of the MK VI armor.

From an aesthetic perspective, I want this army to scream Raven Guard jump infantry and there is nothing more Raven Guard than MK VI beakies.

Problem #1: 

Forgeworld has not released MK VI assault marines... OTHER THAN DARK FURY.

So the army will be based off the Dark Fury body. Problem #1 solved!

Look away... No, those aren't MK VI Destroyers...

Problem #2:

I would like to use the Forgeworld transfer sheets to try to stay as close to canon as possible. So I put in the research and got my head around tactical markings, I even wrote an article on it.  Raven Guard 30K - Tactical Markings

Anyway, I think I'm going to do one unit as a vet assault unit and one as a standard assault unit. Raven Guard Veterans paint their arms and shoulder pads white. They also have different helmet markings. This will at least distinguish the units.

BTW - It's a total gripe of mine... But why is there not a VETERAN ASSAULT MARINE UNIT OPTION! They literally could have just let vets take jump packs at 7 pts each...

The other issue is the Dark Fury. Aren't they Vets? Why no white arms? Dammit Forgeworld... So I think I'm going to paint my Dark Fury squads slightly different versions of Black, White and Silver.

THEN I HIT A SNAG!!!! Shoulder Pads. I don't want everyone on in Dark Fury shoulder pads!!! Ok... No biggie. Forgeworld makes MKVI Raven Guard Shoulder pads. BUT... What about the other shoulder pad? Well, it turns out their are different sizes of MK VI shoulder pads... Seekers have little ones. The fancy Frogeworld Raven Guard ones are annoyingly medium...  The Forgeworld MK VI tactical marines have 1 blank per marine, the other is studded. Nice to have the variety but for my purposes, I will need bulk blank MK VI shoulder pads. Looks like I will have to cast them.... FML

Sorry Forgeworld. Make shit easily available or its... Casting Time!!!


So why not just sculpt up some Ultramarine-esque heads and cast them! Maybe for vets?

So the SGT helmet that looks like a bird is awesome. But impossible to get...

OK... Maybe some custom backpacks while I'm at it. 

Problem 3: 

Arms. Well. I can't run all those assault marines with lightning claws, so now I have to get arms. MK VI arms are just MK IV arms, which are pretty close to MK VII arms, so I'm going to focus on finding weapons with birds on them. I also really like the aesthetic of chainswords, but they just don't seem that sneaky... So screw it i'm going to go half and half. Rule of cool right?


After a couple hours of Ebay, I found a quite a bit of options, so I can mix up the squad.

BTW - Remind me again why I chose to to use Dark Fury as the base of my army? This is a lot of extra work...

Next up, basing until I get everything primed and organized!

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