Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I have always loved the Thousand Sons. They are Loyalist marines that were forced to be traitors because of their beliefs and the Emperor's mistrust of their knowledge of the warp. With the new Horus Heresy: 7 book "Inferno", coming out and the recent drop of amazing plastic Thousand Son models, there has been a lot of requests to branch out and write a tactics article on them.

First and foremost, let me preface this article by saying Thousand Sons are not any easy army to understand and the learning curve to play such a psychic heavy Legion will be steep. In order to review this codex I also had to dive into the rules a bit.

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the rules, you can find them here:

Thousand Son Rules

++ Numeration: The XVth Legion ++ Primogenitor: Magnus the Red ++ Allegiance: Traitoris

Preferred Style of Fighting

"The Thousand Sons were born of capricious fate and have ever walked a precarious path between duty and damnation. The nascent Legion was spared destruction by the discovery of its Primarch, the one-eyed giant Magnus the Red. Only by Magnus' devotion to his newly-found sons, his vast intellect and his mastery of the arcane was the Legion saved."


"Of all the Space Marine Legions, the Thousand Sons made the greatest use of those possessed of psychic ability, integrating these warrior-mystics into a labyrinthine command structure so that they, by the application of their powers, could alter the very flow of cause and effect to achieve flawless victories."

    • Covenant of Sorcerers: Warlord must be an IC Psyker
    • Prosperine Lore: Access to all disciplines but Malfic. ICs can upgrade to level 1 psykers and can upgrade a power weapon to a force weapon. 
    • Signs & Portends: If perils, all units take pin check. If all ICs dies, -1ld and no sweeping advances. 
    • Cult Arcana: Warp charge on a 3+ if power and squad match
      • Pavoni = Biomancy: +1 to run and sweeping advance
      • Raptora = Telekinesis: 6+I or +1i saves
      • Corvidae = Divination: Re roll 1s to shooting attacks if stationary
      • Athanean = Telepathy: Adamantium will and immune to fear
      • Pyrae = Pyromancy: +1 hammer of wrath

    • Arcane Litanies: Can ignore 1 peril's of the warp. 
    • Aether fire Cannon: Can upgrade a plasma cannons to have soul blaze.
    • Asphex Shells: Bolt weapons gains shred (not heavy bolters). Termies, Vets, roto-cannon support squads, and ICs can take them on bolt weapons.
    • Luminiferous Resonator (Relic): a S10 AP3 Salvo weapon that compares against target's leadership instead of toughness... it has no effect on vehicles. It has a 12" range but being Salvo means you can't assault afterwards no matter how you fire it, so its a bit iffy. Toss it on a terminator and suddenly it makes a lot more sense.


    During the Crusade and Horus Heresy psychic powers were regarded as dangerous and thus forbidden by the Emperor by the council of Nikaea. And they were right. Psychic powers are dangerous so let's look at them!

    • Novas, beams, focused witchfire and witchfire all are Witchfires!!!

    Brotherhood of Psykers (BoS): 
    • So the important thing to know about psychic units is if the power targets "the psyker", the whole unit gets the benefit. Yeah. HOLY SHIT! 
    • IC's that join the unit do NOT pick up the BoS rule, so IC's can't cast a psyker only power and convey it to the squad. 
    • Khenetai, Sekhmet Termies, Veterans, Termies and Command squads with Ahriman can all be Brotherhood of Psykers and take advantage of the psychic rules. Ammatara also have there own version of this rule, but can't really be buffed up in the same way. 


    So biomancy does two good things. Turns a Psyker into a beast or buffs a unit. BUT remember, that in units with Brotherhood of Psykers (BOS) it buffs the whole fucking unit. Also, remember that units that are Pavoni are +1 run and sweeping advance, so this your hth centric option.

    • Smite: A marine Killer, great power with AP2. But in the hands of Magnus the Red? You can get 4 Str D shots out of it. Ouch. 
    • 1 - Iron Arm: +3 Str AND +3 T. That's insane on a BOS, especially if you layer on instant death from force weapons. 
    • 2 - Enfeeble: -1 Str AND -1 T. It's ok. Not more special with KSons. 
    • 3 - Life Leech: Witch fire. So an option for Magnus. 
    • 4 - Warp Speed: +3 I AND +3 Attacks AND Fleet. Again... A retardedly good buff for a BOS unit. I mean you are talking about adding 30 attacks to a 10 man squad! And any squad you are casting this on is probably bristling with power weapons. Plus you are talking about I4 power axes. Plus fleet is awesome. 
    • 5 - Endurance: Eternal Warrior, 4+ FNP and relentless. Especially great on something like Sehkemt termies that have multiple wounds. FNP is great on everything. Relentless is solid, it might actually be nice on something like roto cannon support tac squad with Asphex shells. 
    • 6 - Haemorrhage: A solid power, but nothing special with KSons, especially in 30k where T4 is everywhere. 

    Telekinesis is a mixed bag for K sons, however coupled with Raptora this becomes your resilient option. The 6+I save across the board is fine, but the +1I is REALLY GOOD. Especially when combined with other Invulnerable save buffs.
    • 0 - Assail: 18"beam. With marksmen vets you can add rending. 
    • 1 - Crush: Focused Witchfire. Is a good assassination power for Magnus. 
    • 2 - Objuration Mechanicum: Forces gets hot on other units or a haywire hit. Nothing special although it's nice against something with high ROF like a rapier platform unit :p 
    • 3 - Shockwave: It's a NOVA. It's not bad considering Raptora is based on resilience, i.e. tarpitting. Also vets with marksmen can add rending to it. 
    • 4 - Levitation: Movement is always nice, also remember you can get this on a Contemptor. Death from above! 
    • 5 - Telekine Dome: So this is where the rubber hits the road.  All units with 12" of a psyker gets a 5+I save. When combined with Raptora that drops to 4+I. That's pretty significant since you can spread a BOS squad over a lot of the board to give out 4+i like candy. 
    • 6 - Psychic Maelstrom: Witch fire. So Magnus. That said it's already a 2 WC cast so it would bump to 4 WC. So Meh, but it would be an auto Str D shot.


    Divination largely buffs shooting and so it matches well with Corvidae, which hands out re roll 1s in the shooting phase like candy. This is obviously a buff across the army, but where the Corvidae really shines when combined with Divination is the Pride of the Legion with tons of Vets. Stacks rending on top of Divination, with Asphex bolts that offer shred is absolutely NASTY and is totally a full army viable build.

    • 0 - Prescience: Re roll to hits is especially good for high shot units like roto cannon support squads, but it's also REALLY good for rending units. Vets can become BOS so they can Auto choose Prescience and get a roll. You will see this combo as standard unit in a lot of Kson armies. 
    • 1 - Foreboding: Counter attack and Overwatch are solid. What's nice is that it's a blessing that extend to the psykers squad. Solid on units with Asphex bolts. 
    • 2 - Forewarning: Gives a unit 4+i. Always nice. 
    • 3 - Perfect Timing: Gives ignore cover. This is insane on certain units. Think phosphex rapiers or plasma cannon tacs. While your at it you could go crazy with support plasma cannon tacs with soul blaze! (Seriously, though don't. Too Expensive)
    • 4 - Precognition:  This power is another one that is good for something like vets with combi plasma because BOS gives re roll to hit and wound to the whole squad. It's also solid for something like Sehkmet termies when added to their hth attacks. 
    • 5 - Misfortune: Rending is especially good when added to units with Shred. Roto support squads are probably the best unit for this but units like rapiers with shatter shells or even units like vets or termies with Asphex shells. 
    • 6 - Skier's Gaze: Solid in 40K for tactical missions but in 30K it's good for reserves and outflank. 


    So telepathy for most people is really all about invisibility. There is not much synergy with Adamantium Will or immune to fear. But don't let that discourage you. Beyond invisibility there are a lot of game winning powers in this list but you have to think outside the box. Consider using this with running orbital strike. Vet's and deep striking termies coming in and blasting telepathy powers, Ahriman also give 3 units scout which makes 3 units pretty viable. Vigilators are a solid option as well or even Vets with outflank.

    • 0 - Psychic Shriek: It's a witchfire, but without a strength can't really be tweaked by Magnus. That said it's a very strong ability to have scattered around and army and it's especially good when you cast it on a 3+, especially when you have a lot of units doing in. 
    • 1 - Dominate: No synergies, but it can definitely be an annoying. 
    • 2 - Mental Fortitude: Fearless is very good in 30K. You will find you underestimate this power and you happen to get it while to shoot for invisibility, then it ends up being the things that saves your ass. 
    • 3 - Terrify: Again this is one of those powers that is overlooked, but can be game breaking. If you can find ways to get into range turn 1, you can BOO units off the board. So imagine drop pod vets with rending flamers. You try to scare a unit off the board with -1 ld and then do enough damage to force another check. It's a not a crazy high level of success but it has huge potential. 
    • 4 - Shrouding: Another one of those useful, but not truly game changing powers, but it would stack with those vigilators if you took them ;) 
    • 5 - Invisibility: So invisibility breaks all sort game winning combos open. Always best with a big death star. The Guard of the Crimson King ROW works well here. Take a big unit of termies with magnus and laugh as they try to hit you. 
    • 6 - Hallucination: Fine power, but not a lot of synergy with KSons. 


    Pyromancy is one of those lores that come alive when you face militia or other non 3+ armor save armies. It's also doesn't really have a lot of synergy with the Pyrae cult which gives +1 hammer of wrath. The hammer of wrath bonus is tricky to get a lot out of. You can either go bulk like in a 20 man tac squad or with a big assault marine squad so that you get double hammer of wraths or go with high quality hammer of wrath hits like castellax and contemptors.

    • 0 - Flame Breath: Heavy Flamer and with marksmen vets you add rending. As it's a primaris, it's a reliable combo to add to a vet squad. 
    • 1 - Fiery Form: For units with BOS for a 4+i save, soul blaze and re roll wounds on other Pyromancy powers. 
    • 2 - Fire Shield: 4+ cover save and units treat terrain as Dangerous. Seems ok, but it goes great with most units that already have hammer of wrath attacks like assault marines and the like. 
    • 3 - Spontaneous Combustion: A focused witchfire that can gut a squad, no synergy with KSons though other than Magnus. 
    • 4 - Sunburst: Nova that can really trash chaff units like militia, but with Vets with marksmen it picks up rending as well. 
    • 5 - Inferno: A long range witch fire. Good for Magnus and it comes with a large blast. 
    • 6 - Molten Beam: Meltagun beam weapon. 


    Santic powers do not get a companion Cult Arcana. That said, they are pretty strong set of powers, just remember that pyskers perils on doubles and KSons don't take perils well. You either take them when you play Word Bearers or to layer on top of other powers if you rolled what you wanted early.

    • 0 - Banishment: -1 to daemon invul saves. So highly situational, aka bring it Word Bearers
    • 1 - Gate of Infinity: Redeploy a unit via deep strike. Solid for shooting units or for end game scoring. Might be good to try to take with a divination heavy force. 
    • 2 - Hammerhand: +2 strength to a unit. Solid upgrade to any unit. 
    • 3 - Sanctuary: +1 invul saves, so great with cataphractii or with tartaros if you took Raptora. 
    • 4- Purge Soul: Purge soul is a focused witch fire with opposed leaderships to cause wounds. Solid character hunter. 
    • 5 - Cleansing Flame: Heavy Flamer NOVA. Nasty with Magnus. 
    • 6 - Vortex of Doom: Str D blast vortex, but at 3 WCs its a lot of risk to roll a double. 



      HQs are especially interesting in a KSons army, they basically all have access to psychic powers and force weapons, but more importantly you can attach them to a unit to buff them. Ultimately, you want to identify what powers you are shooting for based on the other units in your list and assign your HQ units according to the best combos based on what powers you rolled.

      Magnus the Red: Magnus adds a lot to an army. Everyone becomes LD 10, anyone in his unit is fearless, and the army re rolls reserve rolls. He also unlocks Sekhmet and Legion Termies as troops and he drops the troops arcana restriction. He's a 2+/4++ that reduces Str D by 1 wound. He has Str 9 AP1 hth attacks and D3 S8 Ap2 pistol shots. Any attacks targeting him or his unit is -1 to hit and blast scatter +1 inch.


      He doesn't need LOS for psychic powers and everything ignores cover.

      Mind Wrath: ADD +2 WC to a witchfire power and it double the range and adds 2d6. IF the strength become 11+ it becomes Str D.

      Remember that Novas, witchfire, focused witchfire and beams are all witchfire powers!!!!

      So something like sunburst could be 18" radius that causes every unit to take 2d6 Str D hit!!!

      Below are the modified psychic powers: Biomancy looks like the winner IMO

      • Biomancy  - WC3 - Smite: 36" S4+2d6 Ap2 Assault 4
      • Biomancy  - WC3 - Life Leach: 36" S6+2d6 AP2 Assault 2 - Gain back a wound
      • Pyromancy - WC4 - Inferno: 48" S4+2d6 AP5 large blast 1, ignore cover, soul blase
      • Pyromancy - WC4 - Molten Beam: 24" S9+2d6, AP1, Melta, assault 1, beam
      • Pyromancy - WC3 - Sunburst 18" S4 Ap5 Assault 2D6, ignores covers, soulblaze, Nova
      • Telekinesis - WC3 - Assault: S6 AP- Assault 1, strike down
      • Telekinesis - WC3 - Psychic Maelstrom - 24" S10 Ap1 Barrage, large blast assault 1
      • Telekenisis - WC3 - Shockwave - 18" S4 AP -  Assault 2d6, pinning , Nova
      • Santic         - WC4 - Cleansing Flame - 18" S5+2d6 Ap4 Assault 2D6, ignores cover, soulblaze, nova
      • Sanctic       - WC2 - Votex of doom (which is already a Str D) 

      Ahriman: He is basically a level 4 psyker locked into divination. Which means you will be looking to build a shooting army with him with divination spread through the force. His warlord trait give 3 units scout, which means you have the opportunity to run a fairly aggressive army. Forward units offer synergy with a ROW like Guard of the Crimson King, where you have mass deep striking. Ahriman also works well with units like Rending, likes Asphex Vets or roto cannon support squads. Or you can go assault heavy like 3 units of termies in spartann or landraiders and just focus on the scout ability.

      Ahriman also let's you upgrade a command squad to a Level 2 BOS unit. They have to be corvidae. They have to be corvidae and generate powers from divination. So no termy or bike command squads craziness. I don't really see much reason to take them unless you want a fearless bubble.

      Magistus Amon: A very interesting character. He get infiltrate and is a lvl 3 psyker with corvidae & Antenean, so your troops can take either one and still match the warlord. He gives you a seize the initiative re roll and can block units from outflanking within 24" of him and deep striking within 12".

      He also is basically always 2+ in cover and gives a unit a +1 to cover saves which is unnamed so it would stack with stealth and shrouding.

      His warlord trait is really the reason most people will take him though. He allows a non super heavy / non flyer to come in automatically on a predetermined turn via outflank. The obvious use is to fire a spartan and big nasty squad at an enemy turn 2, but ti also lets you be kinda cagey if you have an objective near a board edge that you want to claim late in the game. It's a shame you can't combine this with Guard of the Crimson king, but I could see it working well with pride of the legion, the recon ROW or even something funky like the armored breakthrough ROW.

      Good units to outflank:

      • Castellac Achea
      • Sekhmet or regular termies in a landraider or spartan
      • Kenetai in a landraider
      • Predator or vindicator squadron

      Legion Praetor: Thousand Son's Praetor's can upgrade up to a level 3 psyker and can upgrade a power weapon to a force weapon. He can be a serious beat stick if you roll the right psychic powers, but remember, this guy will likely be your warlord, so whatever you choose as your cult arcana, your compulsory troops will also have to take.

      Legion Centurion/Consuls: HQ IC can take 1 psyker level and can take a force weapon, which opens up quite a few interesting combos. Sanctic stacks well with most other lores for example.

       Plus with a little luck, a 65pt Centurion with a power axe in a squad with warp speed, now has 8 S5 AP2 I4 attacks on the charge. CRUNCH.

      The Librarian should also be called out. This is how you get you warp charges, how you get the powers you want in your squads and how you customize your force to the enemy you are facing. It's librarians that really make this list tick.


      Legion Veteran Tactical Squad: Veterans have 2 interesting upgrades. First, they can upgrade to a level 1 brotherhood of psykers. Second, you can give them Asphex shells which has shred. Adding Asphex shells is a cheap way to crank up the damage out put of the squad. When combined with the marksmen trait, you get rending, shredding bolters. 10 naked vets with Asphex bolts is only 160 pts and kills 6 marines a turn. That's highly efficient.

      Alternatively, you can give them the brotherhood of psykers upgrade. From here, I would either go towards shooting and take divination or towards mass power weapons and biomancy. The Biomancy track is probably better left to termies, but the divination has some merit, especially if you are mixing in some power weapons and the like.

      Legion Terminator Squad: Much like Vets, Termi squads can also take Asphex bolts and/or become a Level 1 BOS unit. There are some great combos. Consider Raptora Cataphractii Termies start with 3+i saves and you can give them combi meltas and chainfists. Or Pavoni tartaros would be great with biomancy and combi axes and you try to get warpspeed.

      Especially in larger units, I don't see why you wouldn't take this upgrade. As for the Asphex bolters. They are ok with combi bolters. That said, I do think you are better off with something like combis.

      Unlike Sekhmet termies, Legion termeis with the the BoS upgrade have more restrictions (other than malfic) on lores they can take, which opens up some pretty beefy options if you look at Biomancy.

      Osiron Contemptor Dreadnought Talon: Osiron Version can become a level 1 psyker and choose from telekinesis, telepathy, pyromancy and divination. They get adamantium will and must swap to a dreadnougt force blade with an asphex combi bolter.

      In general, I think you take divination on this guys, pretty much every power makes him better. Re roll hits is a good pick up and you might land a 4+i save or ignore cover, which makes me thing you go plasma cannon on him.

      Sekhmet Terminators: Level 2 BoS, 2 wound termies with force weapons, and stubborn. Its a solid rule set. You can chose to put them in tartaros or cataphractii armor and you can choose powers from telekinesis or pyromancy.

      NOTE: "may choose their powers" - It's a little ambiguous if it means you can choose instead rolling, but I'm pretty sure choosing the powers is the intent.

      In general, I think Sehkment should be fielded with Telekinesis, in order to get the +1 to invulnerable saves and run them as cataphractii. With Telekinesis, you can choose Telekine dome that would upgrade other raptora to a 5++.  Levitation adds a lot of mobility to the unit, but the other great choice is psychic maelstrom. Str 10 AP1 large blast is nasty power.

      If you go the Pyromancy route, you are probably going tartaros armor.  Fiery form and fire shield give you a 4++ or a 4+ cover. While this only brings you inline with cataphractii termies you do pick up an interesting combo with Amon, which adds +1 to cover saves, bringing you to a 3+ cover save. You could even take a vigilator for stealth, which would get you up to a 2+ cover save, which is pretty close to a 2+/2++ in the shooting phase. The vigi would give you scout too, which sets up a 1, 2 punch with whatever you are auto flanking in on turn 2. As for the rest of Pyromancy, which is great for clearing GEQs, which goes well with the hammer of wrath attacks. Alternatively, spontaneous combustion is a solid focused witchfire.

      NOTE: It if you don't choose power from either Telekinesis or Pyromancy, since they are BoS, you can choose to randomly generate powers from the Lore's available to to all Thousand Son.

      Beyond Amon, you have great ways to deploy these guys with either deep strike from GOTCK or scout from Ahriman.

      And for funsies you get Asphex bolts for free which are great or the combi upgrades are only 5 pts! I expect you will see one or two these units in most armies. Good Luck

      Khenetai Occult Blade Cabal: This is you Thousand Sons HTH glass cannon. They have tiered rules, so get better the more Khenetai are in the squad. Let's face it, if you see these guys, they will be a full 10 man squad. So they are WS7! with 5 force sword attacks on the charge. They murder basic infantry, and with force weapons they probably murder everything else as well. Biomancy is likely your go to psychic lore. I actually think a chaplain might be really interesting in this squad too, although it might be overkill. 50 power sword attacks should gut most squads.

      These guys will likely be jumping out of a land raider or storm eagle or anvilus.

      Legion Rapier Weapons Battery: While not a unit called out in the Thousand son rules, it's a unit that gains a lot of power by adding psykers with divination. Re rolls to hit and ignore cover can make certain rapier battery weapons choices insanely good. Example: ignore cover and phosphex shells.


      Legion Tactical Support Squad: For 25 pts, Tactical Support Squads with Rotocannons can add Asphex shells. AWESOME! Or is it.. You are looking at a S3 Salvo 3/4. So a full unit pumps out a 40 shots at 30" and with Corvidae you are re rolling 1's to hit. On average it's 17 wounds so 5 marines kills. AWESOME? Well it's what you would kill with 45 bolter shots... And a 200 man tac squad 225 pts. So it's a little better than fury of the legion at long range.

      BUT. This squad can get nasty with a little help from divination psyker. Most of the power tweak up the output, but misfortune can make this unit nasty. Still 17 wounds, but 8 rend so you are looking at 11 kills.

      That's AWESOME! Right? Well... 10 vets @ 12" with Asphex shells is 160 pts is 10 wounds with 3 rends, so 6 kills.

      So really the answer is that Vets are more efficient, but Tacs supports are a great unit to pump up with psychic powers and misfortune turns this units into a very efficient nasty killing machine.

      Legion Breacher Siege Squad: No special rules, but Raptora grants +1 to invul save so you are 5+i to shooting and 4+i in hth. Plus you have access to santic, so you could get another +1. It also goes well with atomantic pavaise on a Doeredo dread. This is actually a pretty good build for zone mortalis.

      Legion Assault Marines: Similar to breachers, assault marines can get combat shields and Raptora increases your invul to a 5i+ to shooting and 4i+ in hth.


      Ammatara Occult Intercession Cabal: These guys are Thousand Son Recon marines, with recon armor, sniper rifles, and camo cloaks and they get it for about 4 points cheaper. PLUS they are level 1 BOS and have a dedicated power, called mind killer, which re rolls to hit and wound and ignores cover. Interestingly, they are level 1 BOS but mind killer is a 2 WC power.

      On paper, they plunk away killing people with sniper rifles.

      BUT... They ignore cover with their psychic power. So picking up the plasma gun on 2 guys is a worthy investment, but also consider craziness like any IC also get's ignore cover... Like an ignore cover phosphex bomb! Or a forgelord with a grav gun or conversion beamer. Hell, even a krack grenade.

      Also this is an obvious place to park Amon, as his armor stacks with the stealth on this squad. And it would stack with the Recon ROW... Speaking of ROWs, it should be noted you can take a nuncio-vox in this squad, which is great for deepstriking termies.

      So overall they are a hell of a deal compared to recon marines (although they don't score) and don't have a squad wide melta bombs option.

      Legion Seeker Squad: No special rules add but with corvidae you re roll 1s when shooting. In a Seeker squad you are already hitting on a 2+ which makes these guys basically have reroll everything and with scorpius bolters you are 24" S5 Ap2 shred heavy 1. So these guys work especially well with the rules.


      Castellax Achea Battle Automata Maniple: So I guess instead of getting a praevian option, Thousand sons get a special Castellax variant. These guys are geared for mulching infantry and are good at it too. At range they have a mauler pattern bolter and 2 bolters with asphex bolts and a rule to fire all at once, which ish pretty good output. In HTH they have rage, 2 attacks and 2 close combat attacks for a total of 6 attacks each on the charge at S6, AP2. They also can use psykers as cortex controllers so are much more free to run around the board and you don;t have the character tax to take them as you will already be taking psykers.

      Finally, you can use them to channel witch fires and maledictions through from other psykers, so remember that Novas, Beams, Focused Witch fires and Witchfire are all Witchfire.


      Axis of dissolution:
      • Automatically pass morale and pinning within 6" of an objective
      • Overwatch at BS2
      • Re Roll to hit and to wound rolls if a unit is falling back
      • Troops must be max size
      • not more tank and flyers than infantry
      The Axis of dissolution ROW is very shooting centric, so it actually works well with both Ahriman and Amon because they are divination HQs.

      However the max size troop restriction is a pretty rough limitation, that said, it basically gives you fearless units if you plop a unit near an objective, so 20 man tac squads with extra ccws or something like assault marines might actually not be that bad of an expenditure.

      At first look, people will write this ROW off, but KSons have awesome units to hold objectives. Auto passing morale means you have to kill the unit to the man. And this units might be T7 termies!

      The Guard of the Crimson King:
      • 2d6 take the highest for generating warp charges
      • termies deep strike, cause fear and re rolls 1s for failed invul saves
      • Sekhmet Cabal Termies must be taken as compulsory and can be taken as troops
      • Magnus can be take as a non LOW HQ choice
      • Magnus, Ahriman or Level 3 Praetor is HQ
      • May not have more vehicles than kson units
      • No allies
      You should feel warm and tingly when you read this ROWs because it's sexy. Sekhmet termies are very good and ultimately they are not crazy expensive for what you get. You will probably be running a Level 3 praetor most of the time (Big red works too), because you don't want divination on the Sekhmet. 

      OTHER ROWs: 
      • Pride of the Legion: As vets and termis of all kinda can be taken as troops and KSons add all sorts of awesome rules to these units, I would expect that this ROW would be used a lot. Combo it with Amon or Ahriman to help get units into place and focus on divination. Land raiders can also add a bit of anti tank. 
      • Orbital Assault: KSons rely heavily on ROWs OR Special characters to deploy units. Orbital strike let's you deploy units without relying on Special Characters. This frees up your Warlord to be a Librarian or a Praetor lvl 3 or even a delegatus. The nice part is that you take a biomancy Warlord which opens up crazy legion termies. 
      • Armored Breakthrough: This is a good way to add a lot of tank hunting to the list, which is good since none of the KSon rules help with tank hunting. This lets you take preds as troops. Plus you get a sicarian as an HQ but you have to take a IC psyker as a warlord (Think Ahriman or Amon). Then you stack up on units like flamer vets in rhinos. And maybe death star in a spartan or small hth assault units in land raiders. 
      List Building: 

      1. It's really important to match your warlord up with the your troops to maximize the cult arcana rules. 
      2. Once you pick your warlord "lore" try to take units that can benefit from different powers rolled. For example: Divination has re roll to hit, rending, ignore cover, etc. So re roll to hit is great for vets which has rending asphex bolters and power weapons. Rending is useless on vets because they can already get it, but it's great on roto cannon support squads. Ignore cover is useless on a flamer units so take a plasma unit or a phosphex rapier unit. 
      3. Finally, you are going to pull your hair out trying to solve tank hunting. So make sure you leave points for it. Rapiers solve a lot of problems for Ksons and can be pumped by psychics and are a great place to hide HQs. So consider phosphex  and laser arrays rapiers. You also have tank options including laser vindicators, grav speeders, lightnings, and to an extend land raiders and Spartans. 

      1. Go first. Psychic heavy forces can take huge losses before they get their guard up. IF you can hit them hard before they get going, you can make the reset of the game considerable easier. 
      2. Assassination is also a great way to help beat KSons. BOS units can be pumped to crazy levels Killing off ICs reduced casting dice as well as powers available. 
      3. Skirmish. Kson rely on deep strike, outflank of vehicle to get places. But if you pop the vehicles it means they are walking for the rest of the game. It also mean you should usually deploy centrally if you are looking to counter strike the turn they come in. Or put units at max range away from objectives. So of they deep strike near you they have a long way to walk to get to the objectives. 
      4. Flyers. Nothing you would be tempted to take in a KSon list has sky fire. It's not that they can;t take, but I bet you won't see it as a main focus. 
      5. Timing. Just because you have a juicy target don't necessarily pounce on it. Psychic powers fail. So if you have a mor deythan squad rip roaring to go, maybe the turn that the termies are T7 is not the best turn to send them in. 
      6. Magnus. He is a nightmare, but he can't fire psychic powers out of HTH. So sacrificing crap units to him in HTH occasionally can buy you some time and waste some of those points.


      Terminus Est said...

      Great review... thanks Pete !

      Jon Sao said...

      Great review as usual, deFl0.

      But you wrote two things wrong: the Power Axes are Unwieldy so you strike at I1 even with Warp Speed up.

      The Sekhmet can not take powers from Biomancy, they are ser to Telekinesis or Pyro, but they don't generate powers, they choose.

      Anonymous said...

      that isnt how brotherhood of psykers works, if an IC cast spells that affect a psyker it only effects the IC even if he is in a squad with brotherhood of psykers, as the squad is not the psyekr casting the spell

      deFl0 said...

      Thanks guys. Still working through the rules.

      BTW - Where do you see that psychic powers work that way in the rules?

      Q: How does a power that targets ‘the Psyker’ but not his unit
      work on a unit with Brotherhood of Psykers? If, for example,
      a Wyrdvane Psyker squad casts Iron Arm, does one model
      nominated as ‘the caster’ receive the benefits?
      A: The power applies to all ‘Brotherhood of Psykers’
      models in the unit

      Brotherhood of Psykers BBB
      "A unit containing at least one model with this special rule is a Psyker unit"

      Indpendent Characters BBB
      "While an Independent Character is part of a unit, he counts as part of the unit for all rules
      purposes, though he still follows the rules for characters."

      Explain to me how you think it works differently?

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the in-depth review. There are some good insights on an entire new release.
      My only criticisms is in writing 3+I
      Its rather distracting in an environment where most people use (and most people know) that 3++ denotes an invulnerable save, when you're also using a lot of I+3 for initiative this can become confusing. On that note the elegability for a unwieldy weapon to be at Initiative 4 is debatable, but the majority would agree that you add the initiative and then the unwieldy takes presidence, because of how modifiers works for stats. But with your way my daemonettes would be initiative 1 after charging into cover without grenades and then +5 to get 6 from the 10 point loci and I would love that to be the case.
      This all been said well done on the impressive amount of work you put into the review it really shows.

      Anonymous said...

      A fine review sir, a fine review!

      While you're right about not wanting Divination powers on the Sekhmet units, you can't take Divination powers on them anyway, so it's a moot point. They have to be Corvidae, but that doeesn't lock them into taking Divination powers. The issue with taking Ahriman as Warlord and Guard of the Crimson King as your Rite is that your compulsory Troops won't be harneessing on a 3+ at all. Whether that's a big issue remains to be seen: I've heard it argued that the bonus to harnessing is nice to have, but that it's also worth looking at what you can do by stacking the Cult Arcana benefits with off-Cult Disciplines and writing off the 3+ to harness. That may be the way to get some mileage out of the Ahriman/Guard build. It doesn't seem as efficient as going for Pride of the Legion and building compulsory Troops to take advantage of the Cult Arcana, or Axis of Dissolution to work around it (since the compulsory Troops there won't be psykers at all), but there may be some corner case stuff that's worth a punt.

      Anonymous said...

      These strike me as 30k Grey Knights. Lots of BoS Terminators and a need to plan which psychic buff for which squad each turn. The seem to have the same issues against armour too

      Unknown said...

      Cheers Pete. Great blog keep up the good work. Really enjoy your insight.

      deFl0 said...

      I got a game in against the Ksons this Adepticon @ 1250 pts.

      I was running 2 x 20 assault marines with power axes and melta bombs, 2 dark fury squads, some chaplains and apothecaries.

      He ran 2 vet squads in rhinos, 20 tacs, 3 rapier launchers, 5 sehkmet in a termi.

      I wasn't impressed with the ksons... They had 2 turns to unleash a lot of asphex fire power into my units with tons of prescience. I killed every unit on the table by end of round 3.

      One thing that surprised me was how good the vets were in hth, but in general, it wasn't an army that could hang with mine. I do think the vets are the real deal though. I think they will be the backbone to a lot of k son lists.

      My take away with ksons, is that you really need to run some hth.

      I also ran into some phosphex while playing against a death guard opponent and the idea of phosphex with ignore cover is absolutely frightening. So do that too :p

      Unknown said...

      Best blogs huh… thanks to compile these; it actually helps me a lot.

      Unknown said...

      This is a truly awesome breakdown. Thank you, after 32 years of playing 40k this will be my first 30k army.