Thursday, June 15, 2017

Warhammer 40K 8e Army List Builder

8th is here! As with any new edition, it starts with a lot of math. This edition, GW is pushing the power points, which are a rough and easy way to build a quick army and get it on the table.

Personally, I think if they had reduced the options at a squad level they could have made this real option for competitive play. As it is, the units can actually vary wildly in power depending on armament, which is unfortunate. They have done a good job of streamlining most other elements of the game.

So for competitive play, they gave us points. Which is fine. But the base model doesn't include weapons, so you end having to find the core unit and core gear just to get to the base costs of troopers. Then you add it all up. It's not a bad way to go about it, although from a game design perspective you end up with weird pricing when you have armies with varying BS or WS. In general, it looks like they used the core to hit roll of the armies to calculate the costs. So you see deals for things like WS 3+ Scions in a guard force with plasma guns.

Anyway, all this math and tallying is made considerably easier with this army list builder, which is free and has most everything already loaded into it.

40K Army List Builder

Build your legion now!


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updated link

OctopusArms said...

GW has caught wind of this army builder and ordered the developer to shut his site down for good. This online list builder was the best I have ever seen and now it is nothing but a memory. The absolute least you can do is email these following addresses and complain about the shut down, and ask for GW to collaborate with the developer for a future list builder.

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i have sent an email to the adresses you listed,

hopefully we can see some sort of collaboration form GW and the guy who made the website, it was really good!

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